Little MIA

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Submitted: February 28, 2015

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Submitted: February 28, 2015



She's two people
sharing the same body.
Different thoughts, different mind.
Colliding with each other,
sometimes they get mixed up.
The other girl calls herself Mia.
She believes in self-destruction,
self-abuse and will take anyone down with her.
She is a disease, she'll bully you until you
fall into her dark spell.
Somehow losing yourself within her.
She'll lead you down the darkest path,
she'll make you believe you are alone,
that you are not loved.
She'll be there, holding you up.
She'll remind you that if you were perfect
you'd have everything.
Remind you that skinny is a virtue.
Convince you that you are fat,
convince you that if you just bend over,
hold back your hair and let your frustration
out you'll be okay, you'll feel better.
For a while you'll believe it,
you'll feel better.
You won't even realize your doing it,
she'll control you.
She won't let you go,
her claws with dig into your skin,
she'll poison your mind,
cloud your eyes so all you can
see in the mirror is a fat, ugly, and unloved woman.
Mia will kill you,
Mia will never allow you to escape.
If you try she'll find her way to drag you back.
She'll rip out your hair,
cause your body to fail,
she'll never be your friend.
Destroying her would be like destroying a part of you.
Killing her off would be killing you.
You have to find a way to suffocate her,
find a way to block your mind from hers.
You have to find something more powerful,
something that will replace the hate,
find words to encourage you,
find words to replace the cruel voices
she puts in your head.
You  must find love, true love.
You must find a way to look past
her and see yourself again, find a way to love yourself again.
You need to find a light brighter and stronger than the black
hole she has kept you in.
I found love, I found light.
He is the one who opened my eyes,
he is the one who replaced the hateful && cruel voices.
He reminds me that I am beautiful.
His love is the most powerful light I have ever felt.
I have a chance to beat Mia once and for all.
I have a chance for the voices to die down.
I have the power to ignore her urges, her pleas.
I am in control and this time she will not take me down.
This will be the end of Mia, my self-destructing friend.

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