Mirrored Suicide

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^^ I thnk the title says it all

Submitted: May 01, 2011

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Submitted: May 01, 2011



Infront Of a mirror
Stood a hopless girl
Wearing no clothes.
In her hand she held a knife.
Using the tip to trace her body
Turning the blade against he skin.
Running it lightly down her arm.
She pressed the knife into her skin,
Cutting her arm to allow the blood to run.
Allowing a single tear to slip
She brought the knife to her throat.
Gliding it lightly across, making a little mark.
Not ready to throw it all away
Wanting to feel more, wanting to see more blood before she died.
Looking in the mirror she likes what she sees.
There stood a beautiful masterpiece.
A tortured soul will finally be set free.
She dug the knife into her skin
Drawing a line of beauty across her heart.
Hoping it will free her soul from the devil's embrace.
In a couple of minutes she'll be free.
She draws a perfect X
From shoulders to hips
Wrting the words "Set Me Free" across her stomach.
She breathes in one last time.
She pressed the knife to her heart,
She felt the knife breaking her skin
She loved the pain, it was her escape.
She couldnt stand being alive anymore
Looking into the mirror
ahe pushed the knife all the way in.
Her eyes rolled into the back of her head
There the body laid in her blood.
Found by her mother
She will never be the same.

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