Standing Alone

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Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012



She always believed she was alone

No one was there behind her, no one there to lean on.

Her eyes always full of tears

A smile never left her face though.

She hid her pain from those around her, never wanting the pity from those who never cared

Her life  was hanging on a thread.

In those moments she thought she was alone

she would cry those unshedded tears, the ones that made her weak.

Her eyes are tired from crying

Her heart shattered into millions of pieces.

But something changed along the way

She met someone who promised to always be there

At first she shied away, she never wanted to get close to anyone

She was so used of standing alone.

But this woman never left her side even in the worse moments.

She slowly started opening her heart, telling her life story.

Leaving out those few details that coulld throw it all away.

This woman who stood before her held out her hand

When she reached for the womans hand she felt the

true meaning of warmth and love

Right then and there she poured her heart out.

Instead of walking away she touchedmy heart with words that could never be forgotten.

In that moment she knew shed never be alone again

not with someone like her in my life

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