The Dark Angel***

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Submitted: January 06, 2012

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Submitted: January 06, 2012



Shes standing in the middle of a crossroad
Trying to figure out which way to go
is trying to figure out what is right or wrong
She feels as if shes losing herself.
Not knowing what to do, 
Not sure who she is.
All she knows
is shes tired of feeling,
Tired of being alone.
Tired of the emptyiness inside of her.
She just wants to be numb.
She doesnt care who she hurts
or what she says as long as it distracts her from the pain
that surrounds her.
If she cuts down her best friend, she'll pretend it never happened.
If she hurts anyone, she'll pretend they deserved it.
Nothing can prepare the damage she has caused
A signed contract with The Dark Angel.
The Angel has never faltered, 
never walked away through the hard times.
Passing her the bottle, taking the lid off, even pouring it into the glass.
The bitterness makes the pain in her heart disappear
The Dark Angel knows that.
She knows everything.
The Dark Angel is her best friend.
Her true friend.
Giving her the power to find ways to 
fight each day
Without ever having to face the pain she really feels.


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