The Fight ***

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Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012



 In her room she'll cry those unwanted tears

With the lights off to hide her heartache

The music playing to cover up the screams that escape her throat.

She'll let go of herself tonight

But tomorrow She'll build herself again

Putting her heart back together one more time.

Her friends beg her to be strong,

To carry on.

She'll find away to get through the day

even if it drains all of her strength.

She used to believe she could fight anything that came her way

but when the opponent knows your weaknesses more than you do

its hard to fight back.

This war is beyond her, she can no longer fight alone.

Hanging up her gun, She will stand on the battle field with no shield, no protection

When the sound of gunshots fill her ears she braces herself for the blow

Hoping this time it might knock her down and she wont get back up.

The guns have been fired but where are the bullets

the sad girl opened her eyes

And there stood infront of her a shield so beautiful, so strong nothing could break through it

There beside her holding her hand was that beautiful angel, the one who saved her life.

Not just today but from the day they met.

Whispering "Chin up baby girl, I love you" one more time.

The love from the Angel brought courage and strength.

The battle was won today but tomorrow is another fight.


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