*Unknown Father&Daughter*

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Its something i had to write whether i wanted to or not

Submitted: January 28, 2011

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Submitted: January 28, 2011



 “My hearts breakin’ into millions of little pieces

My eyes are tired from cryin’

My arms are covered in scars

My eyeliner is smeared down my face from all my tears

I kept fightin’, hopin’ one day I might wake up

My life has become a nightmare, one I can’t live anymore

I’m through hidin’ behind my mask

I’m through lyin’

I try so hard to be perfect,

All I ever wanted was to please yuu; make yuu proud

But no matter what I do, I’m never good enough for yuu

Yuu see the girl who sat there with a razor to her wrist

Her fingers in her throat; a drink in her hand.

Yuu see the girl who would do anything to make yuu love her.

I refused to eat; I gave up my happiness for you.

Yuur supposed to love me, I’m your daughter.

I still see the man who choked her infront of me,

Yelled at me, calling me ugly, fat & Stupid.

To yuu I was a slut becuz yuu didn’t approve of the man who held me

When yuu wouldn’t dare!

Now here I am, cryin’ out for yuu

But yuu turn your shoulder, why should yuu care?

Yuu don’t love me, yuu never did.”

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