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Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012



You see this girl so beautiful, so pure.

You call her your angel.

You see sadness in her eyes

You wash it away by making her laugh.

She loves you, looks up to you.

You saved her when she was on her last breath.

Pulling her back up and setting her back on her feet.

You were the one that could never disappoint her,

But I guess at some point everyone will.

No matter how many times you yelled at her,

Made her feel bad, she never got mad, never walked away without a smile

But there seh goes, no smile no nothing.

What you did isnt something she can just forget.

This doesnt mean She dont love you

She does, but her heart it full of pain.

She knows you mean well,

She knows your just trying to help

She knows what you want to see

but do you know how much stress is added?

Do you not see the condition she is in?

Nobody's perfect.

Not you

Not her

No one.


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