Book of the day: A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E. By Mallory Blackman

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It's a normal Friday evening for Elliot until the police call and tell him his mum's in serious trouble. A security video clearly shows her breaking into a giant pharmaceutical company on behalf of A.N.T.I.D.O.T.E., the environmental action group. Even worse than that, she's also gone on the run.

Submitted: June 13, 2009

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Submitted: June 13, 2009



Book author: Malorie Blackman

Book title:

Book summary:

This book is a techno thriller. The main chracter is a boy called Elliot. He thinks his mum's a dead boring but there's a secret in store for Elliot and his mum

Book's strengths:
Which characters did you especially like and why?

Elliot . Because it is interesting to see how he adjusts to a BIG suprise.He also has a love, hate realaionship with his sister.

Which parts of the storyline really worked well and why?:

The Part when Elliot and his friends try to solve a computer problem. This is quite thrilling.

What did you enjoy about the writers style?:

How easily the story flows and keeps you on the edge at the same time. This is a great quality in an author.

Book weakness:
Which characters in the book were less believable or interesting?

Marcus Padela. He is the most boring and evil chracter. He always seems to ruin it for Elliot and his friends

Which parts of the book were difficult to follow or not believable?:

Some parts when it lists computer codes are quite difficult to follow

When did the writer's style not work as well?:

It worked brilliantly through the whole story

Summary of the book:

An excellent and thrilling techno thriller. Ten out of ten.

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