German Gun 0.7

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The gun that killed, the gun that saved, many lives yet always betrays. This is a story about proving innocence, jealousy and love.

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012




One day. You'll see. I was innocent. I'll prove it as soon as I'm back. IF I'm back. IF I can collect enough evidence. I didn't kill Brit. How could I? I loved him. I'm mad at the person who did kill him. But the most shocking thing is that the person who killed him was different. He was... nice. I still can't believe it. I was in Review the Pain Studios (RPS). The long time shut down 60's type. It's a macabre place. a place not worth sitting in.I let out a groan. And the groan was followed by a harsh hush. And I groaned louder, just for the sake of it. And this time a light carefree female voice said something like talk all you want before you die. and a tight baton blow followed the voice. my head throbbed. I was slipping in and out of sanity. And when all of the good life was promised to me the fact that I was gonna die was unavoidable.



Story begins..


It all started when I decided to go shopping for my mink coat. You can guess. The same old story about a rich girl and a poor boy. The boy gets kidnapped and is held ransom for the girl to pay. Sometimes, it's the other way around, rich boy and poor girl. But stick to girl and boy. They get the money and kill the boy, thus breaking the promise. They then hold girl for ransom and same thing happens. Well it's partly right. The thing is it was much more ordinary than that. Or complicated rather.

As I said, the mink coat. I only shop for the best of best quality clothes. I went to Minks. The best place for a mink coat where the cheapest price is a million dollars. Atlantic mink they say. The warmest fur out of the rarest mink. Nearly extinct. But it's still legal, which is a miracle.

Now to the point. I picked a skin brown with a tint of dark red stripes running all over and the dashing straps around. It was absolutely amazing. 13 million dollars visa card or cash ONLY. So I paid and got out of the store with the butler carrying the exquisite coat. And I got onto the limo.

The smell wasn't quiet Irish Elainé Perfume. It was more like cheap French. I got the worries pushed aside and put on my mink coat. After all, it took half my pocket money to buy it. I also bought a 'couple' diamond and white gold stud rings. I couldn't wait till the 500th day of the date. That was when things went wrong. Very wrong.

I got a feel of fluffy and woozy. I felt tired. Kinda unusual for me. I was gonna tell dad to get rid of the French perfume and switch it to Spanish Granuël Parfum?ri. And plus, I'll tell him to get another limo. This one is horribly uncomfortable. I got off. Something wasn't right. No guard came to pick up my things. No servants came to get my English Tea. The ground and air, most of all was wrong. It wasn't Egyptian marble nor was the air the rose aroma.

Then I looked at the transport I was on. The limo wasn't quiet the opal blue. It was more like dim grey with sky tint. No ordinary person would've noticed it. But then again I am not ordinary. I am visually enhanced and physically healthy. It's not like I go to gym everyday or anything. It's just that I am that way. I got sharp instincts and kinda know how to self defense myself. Right then, my whole body reacted to the environment and said something wasn't right.

I flipped when I saw Debs, my best friend. She was tied to a chair and had a deep red gash on her forehead. It was gory and bloody. She was unconscious, for the moment. And I took a quick glance at the place. It was a corner of the street with black graffitied walls and trash cans. I also saw an entrance. They wouldn't just leave Debs out here. Too much attention from crowd. Which meant that there is no people in this area. I then felt something brush against my hips. I gave three quick jabs of my elbow to the direction the physical contact came. 

BIG MISTAKE. It was Debs. Then who was this person in front of me? Oh no. Tact. 1. Disguises. Debs lay unconscious for real and then the 'Debs' came and grabbed my hand and pinned it to the back. I was helpless. For real. I couldn't believe it. I had left my guard down. Stupid. And that's when I fainted.

Well. At least I pretended to. I was not very good at it though. The so known as Debs slapped me hard across the face.She said in a mock tone something like pretty laddie and pity she's gonna die. i groaned. She was distracted. For the moment. It was enough though.

I lashed out my buttered leg. Time to wax it again, I thought inside. My leg found it's target. The man (who i later realized wasn't a woman) howled in agony. I gave three quick punches. I lifted Debs onto her legs and headed for the exit. Maybe I should've taken my dad's advice. Hire a FBI or CIA as a bodyguard or something. Too late now. I guess what they say is true. Old and wise!

As I headed for the exit the closed door suddenly burst open. Debs had to gain her consciousness now. 2 men in casual clothing surrounded us. I was tired enough. A man stepped forward to get hold of us. I lashed out my heavy mink coat. It hit the man right on the face. The brooch wasn't useless after all. I picked up my coat as the two other men got hold of us. I tried to swing my mink coat again. They were prepared this time though. They got Debs first and then roughly tugged me. They then dragged us back to the corner of the street.

Next thing that happened was unbelievable. Matt and Brit were sitting there playing cards. Matt and i used to have a thing. Until Deb liked im and i backed off. Then i fell for Brit.

Back to story. In the dark but dimly lit room was Brit and Matt playing poker. In this trouble we were, they were here playing cards. I knew that Brit and Matt being best friends they had a similarity of calmness. But this! I took off my bloody high heels which once had been white and put my mink coat back on. I then slammed the heel to the ground which broke the magnificent shoe and dragged the attention. Then Matt and Brit turned round and noticed me. 'oh! Hi Jade! What are you doing here? Did you get tricked by Debs too?' Brit sniggered. 'what trick? And what had Debs got to do with this? I don't get it. And plus Debs is here right besi...' and then I realized that Debs wasn't here. And then I got the scenario. Debs wasn't here. We were tricked. By Debs.

I hate it when I faint. Not that I get headaches and such. But the fact that I dunno what's going on. I fainted because of sleeping gas. Well slept really. The last thing I saw before I woke up was Debs smiling innocently like she usually does. And her little wave towards me. It was hard to believe but she was crying. If she was doing all this because of her will, why is she crying?

Ok. Maybe I hate the head throbbing part as well. I then was in the RPS. I saw Brit. His eyes facing upwards. His body slump. A hysterical smile. Blood. Blood on his chest. A round bullet spot was constantly pouring blood. I almost cried. Tact. 2. Never let your enemy see your weakness. I forced the tears down and looked for Matt. He was lying down but not tied down like Brit.  He had blood covering his face but Alive.

Debs was sitting on my mink coat. Sipping Orange Juice posh like it was the champagne I always drink. She sat on it like a child. My poor mink coat...

'umm. So. Hi Deb. How are your kidnapping plans going?' 'very well thank you. I must say. I love your mink coat. Where'd you buy it? Wait! Let me guess. Where does my friend Jadey go to? Mïnkœ, Minks or Mikã?' ' I went to Minks. Oh! And since when were we friends Deb?' ' you don't know anything!! I am still your friend Jade! I just need the money! I promise I'll let you out as soon as I get the money. We're still frien..' Debs suddenly got frantic. 'you can hardly call yourself a friend!! Kidnapping? Abduction? Damage of personal property? Is that a way a friend treat each other? FRIEND!!?? FRIEND!!??' 'I told you I'll let you out saf...' 'SAFE!!?  What have you done to Brit!? What have you done to Matt!? You were planning this all along. Since the first day we became friends I guess!' ' no Jade! I am still your friend! I didn't wan.. I mean, mean to do this. Brit was being difficult.' she was crying now. Her tanned face was red and her eyes were burning.

'You didn't have to do this Deb... If you just asked me I would've giv..' 'YOU DON'T GET IT!! YOU DON'T GET ANYTHING!! MATT IS MINE AND THATS HOW IT'S GONNA BE!' 'You did this coz you wanted Matt?' the pieces were still all over. I didn't get it. Why'd she kill Brit then? 'you also wanna see the news Jade?' she turned on the old TV and switched the channel to Hanterville News. It showed a picture of Brit and Me. The speakers were broken but the message was clear. I had killed Brit and run away.

'No. no. nonononono. I didn't do it!! I DIDN'T DO IT! Debs! You can't do this! I didn't do it and you know it.' 'Little girl gets the situation now. I don't just want Matt. I want the blame on someone else. As I said. We're still friends. So I'm going to let you out.' 'Whats the point?! They're going to arrest me as soon as they see me in town!' and then a thought struck me. Why would Debs want to kill Brits and blame me and make it all so complicated? 'Debs. please tell me. As a friend.' 'Tell you what?' 'Who's behind all this?' 'w..what do you mean who's behind this?' 'Debs. I know you well enough. You wouldn't just kill Brit.'

Then a male voice came. I recognized it. 'she wouldn't. Oh no. But I would.' it was Matt. I realized. The corpse on the floor was a dummy. He had killed Brit. 'why Matt? Brit is your friend. Like your brother. Why'd you do it?' 'don't you realize? He ruined my life. He is the girl's attention. He is the good guy. He is the one who snatched away who I loved. Now I love Debs. And my revenge is done.' he dug his mouth into Debs neck and tubbed it as a gesture of love. Disgusting! 'Let me out you bitch!' 'no no. You still don't realize do you? we are not letting you out. We can't.' 'But Debs said...' 'though I must admit. Debs is a great actress. Amazing.' 'So much for friends, bitch.'  'I meant it Jade. But you had to make the situation dire. I had to call Matt. Sorry Jade.' Debs said. And then they locked me in and walked off.

BIG MISTAKE. Not me. Them. I am a professional lock picker. A few experiences with a punk girl. It was a great life. Until dad caught me. Anyways. Hurriedly i quickly inspected Brit's body. No metal. Dang. Well. I got a few tricks up my sleeves. I mean it. Literally. I pulled my sleeves up. There were two thin metallic and plastic Minks and Mïnkœ brand tags. Real white gold. I expertly picked my way through the lock. In less than a minute I was strolling out towards the exit. And then disaster struck. I didn't know which way to go.

I tore my knee length dress. Original brand. It was now way above my knees. My dad wouldn't approve. But who cared about modesty when their life was at the brink? it's easier to walk with a short dress. I ran through the corridors. There were five doors. I carefully opened the first one. There was nothing. I closed it an went on to the second one. It was very pretty. Red room with white and black splats. And then in the corner of the room was a dead body. Ok. it's called Review the Pain Studios. I proceeded to the third room. Debs was there and Matt too. I was just about to go when I noticed Debs face. She was crying. I put my ears against the door. They were fighting. 'Matt. We don't have to do this. You got me and plus you also got your revenge. Isn't that enough?' 'No. It's not. I need to kill Jade. Too much nuisance. She'll be yelling everyone everything. And plus. I don't have anything to do with her anymore.' 'but.' 'no buts Deb! You have me. We have all we want! What more do you want?' 'i want Jade. Matt. I want Jade!' 'as you wish Deb. But if Jade is not  in her senses I am afraid shes gotta go.' 'thanks Matt. You're a dear.' oh no. What the heck am I gonna do? Matt would kill Deb if i wasnt there. i groaned and ran back to the cell.

I heard footsteps near my cell. They were coming. I needed to act sane. Well. Sane enough. Matt just barged in. 'so Jade. How was the first night you wanted with Brit?' 'very good thank you. And what brings you here may I ask?' 'no you may not. I'm only here because I needed to finish my business.' 'I thought you said you may not ask.' Matt came in closer. He put the 0.7 German gun on my head. It was one of those cheap citizen guns. But it was enough to take a life. It was aimed to my head. My head was spinning. What is this. Betrayal? Or did Debs and Matt have another plan? Things were nearly gathered in place. Just a few bits and pieces apart. 'you move another inch and this bullet goes right through. I mean it, right through your head. Did I make myself clear Jade?' I slowly nodded my head. 'good. Now Debby dear. Please sit beside my friend. I'll shortly follow with a feast.' 'Matt. What is this? This wasn't part of the plan.' 'just sit Deb.' 'Matt. What is goi...' 'I SAID SIT!' Debs slowly sat down. 'Matt please don't scare me.' 'don't worry Deb. It will be over soon. Very soon' He whispered into my ear. 'isn't it great that you guys will be going together?' then things clicked into place. I quickly turned round to warn Debs. 'DEBS! DUCK!! DUCK!!' 'wha...?' and then it was over. So quick. There was a click and soon my Italian lace was red. Debs was gone. I was hopeless. Utterly hopeless. Tears choked up. I let out short gasps and fought for control. Stay alive. Matt came near me. He whispered so quietly and so sweet like he used to when we went out. 'jade. all I ever wanted was you.' but I soon snapped back to reality. This guy in front of me killed Brit and Debs. He leaned in closer to kiss me. I quickly took it. The best way to escape things. Co operate.

He had obviously been practicing this. It was unnatural. Oh well. He drew back and I pretended to look dazed and enchanted. And I said, 'I'm in all this mess. I might as well go with you.' 'you finally understand!' he quickly took off the cuffs on my hand. I kissed him again. For the sake if it. He took it. It was not awkward at all. For some strange reason he didn't bother to pick up the gun nor the cuffs. He just left them there and instructed me to come with him. I quickly and stealthily hid the German pistol in my pockets. Glad that they invented small guns I managed a smile which Matt thought was happiness.

The food was quick. Hot dogs near McDonalds and cherry coke. I needed the energy. No one was around. It's two in the morning. Matt then came back from the police station. "I gave witness to the police saying it wasnt your fault. There wll be questioning sometime this month. Let's go to your house. I'm starving and craving for caviar and holland wine.' What the heck is holland wine? I forced a smile. 'sure.'

He is an egg shell. I gave him grilled tuna pieces and Grape juice. He didn't see the difference. My dad came in. 'so Jade. May I ask you where you were before I get the 20 bodyguards?' 'dad. I am old enough. I just went to France for my perfume refill.' '3 then' '1''2 and no more nor less.' 'fine dad. And dad. Love you.' my dad was taken aback by surprise. 'umm. I.  I love you too Jade.'

My dad obviously didn't mean about the 2 bodyguards. I wasn't allowed to go out premises at all. I was meant to stay on ground 24/7. Great. Matt walked me down to the entrance. I had the German pistol on me at all times. We were on the Private Garden 12. It was named Jade Palace. Literally every non living thing was made out of jade. No one, not even dad was allowed here. Matt and I were sitting on the jaded green cushion with Matt. He leaned in to give the usual kiss. As soon as he reached my lips there was a silent click and Matt slumped. 'Jade. I never wanted Debs nor Brit. Just you.' I kissed him on the forehead and whispered,'Matt. I never wanted you either.' and I jabbed the gun in his gut. he froze. "me neither..." and i shot.

I sat in my room, thinking. Could things have gone differently? Could i have done something, been more careful? The man infront of me had a gun. The same German 0.7 pointed at me. I smiled, it took the man back a little. So many people after me, my money, my fame. I don't know how he got here. I'll never find out. But that didn't matter, the same gun that killed my friends would betray me as well. I walked towards the man. I was sick of life. I held the gun, the barrel pointed at me. the man didnt let the gun go, confused. "Run. Take the money, take what you want. Just run awy." i whispered into his ear. Before he could react i pulled the trigger.



The German Gun 0.7 was found later on that day. The mysterious death of the four teenagers topped the headlines. The finger prints of all four of them and one random man was found on the gun. The police never found out what happened. They never could question Matt. Jade's innocence was never revealed. When they found Jade's body they found it fascinating. She had the gun in her hand and was... smiling.

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