Indecisive - For Tweedle

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This is a story for a close friend

Submitted: August 02, 2012

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Submitted: August 02, 2012




Okay.... <3 So... There's this girl I met. She's Sweet and Generous and Kind And Caring and Adorable. I love her to death and I think everyone owes her one big snuggle for all the shit she's been through and all the shit she takes for us. She accepts all of my crazy passions for things (Some don't even exist yet) and all of my habits to run away from anything I don't enjoy, (Aka, Drama in my really messed up life)

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words." 
-Donna Roberts"


I wrote this story earlier before her birthday, but I'll put this little written message here anyway that I wrote for her <3


You know what day it is?

That's right. It's your birthday.

The sexiest day of the year.

You know why?'

Because you were born on it <3

(well not exactly on this specific day you'd be really young but... -- Ugh forget it...)


I thought and thought about what i wanted to do for your birthday, but I just wasn't sure.

And I probably will never be completely sure because you're too important. I'd need hours to decide what i would do for you <3

I considered writing you another short story (knowing how much you loved the first one <3)

I also considered editing a picture

(as adorable as that can be, how unoriginal!)

And then I considered doing this.

What is "This" You may be asking.

Hell if i know. I'm just rambling on and on, writing whatever comes to my mind.

But It makes you smile, doesn't it? :3

Because I'm weird and cute

and you're adorable and sweet.

And snuggly.


Alright. Let's do this. We all know I'm going to break out in a list of thinks I love about you. Let's just get this over with...


The Infinite amount of things i love about you:

You are...

Smart (we think. Studies have not been shown yet that the wild Tweedle is infact intelegent.) 

Pretty (Like a Rose)

Cute (Like me [:<)

Patient (God knows you need that with me...)

Huggable (Huggle snuggle cuddle Humple---- NO WAi--)

Accepting (Yeah you need that with me too...)

Thoughtful (You always put others before yourself >   <)

Courageous (You put yourself out there so much :3)

Cooperative (God KNOWS you need that..)

Determined (So freaking.. Determined..)

Enthusiastic (God when i say i like a guy, You're like "GET ON YOUR KNEES...")

Forgiving (<3)

Flexible ( [:< *Wink wink*)

Generous (Well, You are...)

Positive (Usually.)

Ramble (SHUT UP D:< JESUS WOMAN.... <_<)

Mature--- HAHAHA just kidding <_<

Kind (Psshh...)

Reliable (<333 You're always there)

Selfless (All about everyone else, isn't it, obi-wan?)

Hyper (Up, down, left, right, Sideways, on your head, in the pool, on a mountain, in a submarine-- A YELLOW ONE ;D)

Efficient (Well, you are.)

Graceful (Yeah. Well sometimes. Well.... .... No...)

Observant (Usually. Until theres a hot boy. HOTOTOTOTOTOTOTOT..)

Tough (Bish please, you are.)

Listening (You listen <3 and you're good at it. You'd probably still be good at it if you were deaf <3)

Adorable (*pinch pinch*)

Sweet (like  Lollipop)

Awesome (Like... an Awesome person...)


Pinchable (Important quality. if you weren't pinchable then you'd be dreaming.)

Blunt (A..hehe...he?)

Outgoing (Aka: LOUD.)

Honest (Yet you --Usually-- say the truth in a nice way :3)

Respectful (<3333)

Caring (daaaawww <3)

Intelligent (I said smart before, but oh well...)

Gentle (...sometimes...)

Protective (AKA: If anyone pissed you or your close friends--MEMEMEME-- off you wouldn't be scared to grind them into pieces smaller than coffee dust and then snort it...)

Passionate (Oh Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore art thy romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name. And if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love <--- MEMORIZED BIATCH D:<)

Good taste in music. (This... this is an important quality. If you didn't have this, we would have a problem.)

And out of all these qualities i still left off many more to be mentioned, like how strong your inner walls are. I see how strong you are, Love. You have very strong walls, but I'm on the inside and I can see you being pushed around inside there. You're fragile, despite all of the walls you put up around you to protect yourself, but that's why I'm here <3 Because I'm a cushion and I love you. 

I love you so freaking much. <3

Have a great birthday, My Tweediebird.

Love, Ah-vah




I love this crazy girl, and she's my little Tweediebird <3




"Green, Orange, or Pink?" Tweedle asked. She tilted her head back slightly and stared up at the ceiling.


I paused for a second and squinted my eyes in thought. "Orange..." I muttered.


"Orange, Yellow, or--"


 I cut Tweedle off from talking and sat up.  "No! Green." I smiled and nodded contently. Tweedle smirked and laughed at me.


"Tech you're so Indecisive..." She tilted her head down and glanced in my direction.


"I know, but that's what makes me, me!" I squeaked and stood up out of my chair. I shuffled my feet behind me as I rushed to the window. When I glanced back at Tweedle, she was glaring at the ceiling while she grimaced.


"What's on your mind, Honeybun?" I said. I pushed myself up onto the window ceil. I sat down softly and leaned back against the glass.




"Well....!" I mimicked her and smiled innocently as she glared at me.


"Well, nothing." Tweedle shifted herself so she was laying on her stomach on the bed, facing me.


I started to laugh and watched her before speaking, "I have one finger that I'm about to stick in my mouth and then stick in your ear.  You will tell me what's on your mind!" I demanded.


Tweedle raised her eyebrow and smirked. She waved her finger around and made a soft tsk-tsk sound. "You wouldn't dare."


I sat straight up and glared down at her before placing my finger in my mouth. Tweedle widened her eyes lightly before glaring right back at me.


"I would dare." I said and pulled my finger out.  Tweedle abruptly sat herself up from the bed using her hands and snatched the first thing she could find from behind her, a pillow. She held it in front of her as a shield as I stepped closer and closer to her.


"Tech you should go sit back down before you get hurt..." She warned




"Tech!" Tweedle squeaked.


"Never!" I jumped on the bed across from Tweedle just as she smacked the pillow against my chest. A laugh rose out of my throat as I yanked the pillow away from her grasp with my clean hand. I tossed the pillow against the other side of the room and smiled proudly.


"You're such a--" Tweedle started off as I waved my slimy finger around in front of her. Her eyes widened slightly.


"Tell me what's on your mind."


"Your germ infested finger in front of my face."


"No, from before!"


"That you looked like a goddess from heaven in front of the window."


"And that made you grimace in pain?!"


"It... was too much holiness to handle?" Tweedle leaned back against the wall in laughter and I glared at her.


"Shut up!" I snapped and smirked slightly, waving my finger in front of her again.


"God Tech, your face... priceless..."


"Shush! You're in no position to talk!" I slid closer to her and held my finger closer to her. She squealed and grabbed a glass of water off of the nightstand.


"Put the glass of water down, Tweedle..." I warned. I felt myself stiffen slightly as she waved the glass around.


"I'm not sure... your finger needs to get cleaned off." Tweedle teased.




"Tech..." She mimicked me.


"Drop it."


"You first."


"How do I drop my finger? This is gross!" I waved my finger around.


"Clean your finger off?!"


"On what, my bed?"




"Eww! I'd rather go wash my hands in the sink."


"Then go do that."


"...I don't trust you in my room alone."


Tweedle smiled innocently at me and waved the glass near my finger. "Do something about that."


"No..." I stated and watched Tweedle's face. She smirked.


"Fine, then I will." Tweedle tossed the water from the glass on my finger and all over my lap. I squeaked and jumped up out of my bed. Water trailed after me as I stood there, dripping water onto my carpet.


"Tweedle!" I squealed.


"Yes..?" She replied innocently. She stood up off of the wet bed and wiped her hands onto her jeans.


"You're cleaning this up..." I glared.


"I'll help, that's all you're getting from me" She laughed and started to pull off the sheets from my bed and I helped her.


 I pulled all of the sheets and started to press them against the carpet and myself to soak up the excess water that dripped off of me.


"Do you have any water on yourself, Tweedle?" I asked. When I looked up at her, she was smiling innocently down at me.


"Just on my hands..." Tweedle laughed softly as I threw one of the sheets at her. She caught the sheet and bundled it into a ball. I bundled the sheets I had in a ball also.


I stepped outside of my room carrying the sheets to the laundry room. When we dropped the wet sheets onto the floor, I glanced up at her.


"What in the right mind... made you think of doing that?" I asked and started laughing softly to myself.


"Seemed fun, thought of it, went for it." She laughed along with me and shrugged. We walked back to my room together.


Tweedle sat down on the window ceil as I started to change out of my wet clothes. I pulled on a new shirt and some new jeans before I sat down next to her.


We both sat in silence for a bit. I yawned and leaned back against the glass of the window and Tweedle leaned against the wooden side of the window. She closed her eyes for a bit before I turned to look at her.


"So..." I said slowly.


"So......" She mimicked me.


"You feel better?"


"A bit."


"I'm sure that water fiasco made you feel much better."


"It's my life dream to ruin the place where you sleep. You know, just in case one day I find a boy in there." She smirked proudly and I smacked her arm lightly.


I glanced around the room and found myself staring at my own feet. I wiggled my toes lightly before continuing to talk.


"I highly doubt that will be happening any time soon."


"Oh you wait for it, I can feel it." Tweedle smirked and I smacked her arm again. She laughed softly and I glanced up at her.


"So, what really was on your mind earlier?" I asked innocently.


Tweedle grimaced slightly and stared at her toes.


"Tell me..." I demanded softly.


"I don't like the color green..." Tweedle glanced up at the ceiling and smiled sheepishly.


I stared at her and raised my eyebrows.


"...You have GOT to be kidding me..."




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