Restless - For Marcel

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:3 I promised my friend (Soul) That i'd write a short story for him. Course, I don't think he was expecting seeing himself get his ass kicked by one of my other best friends (Echo). So, his opinion on the story will be fun to watch!

This story.. wasn't suppose to be Rated R. Either I accidently clicked "R" And it wont let me change it back, or Wattpad said "Hey. Let's R this, Yeah?" So. Yeah. Only thing I'd even consider "R" is the swearing....


Submitted: August 02, 2012

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Submitted: August 02, 2012




"Shut Up!" Tech glared down at her fingers. She curled them quickly and let them slide under her thighs as they caught splinters in the wood. She winced in pain she pulled her fingers out from under just to look back up to meet the confused gaze of her friend.


He shot his arms in the air near his ears with his palms facing away from him while sliding away from Tech. "I'm just saying..." He said slowly and cautiously. Quickly he turned his gaze away from her and back to the television. He tapped his fingers against his legs nervously.


"I'm going to kill you in your sleep, Soul..." Tech pressed her fingers against her forehead in frustration before glancing to her left to look at Soul. He was smiling sheepishly back at her.


"Have mercy?" He said jokingly before leaning in front of her to snag the popcorn bowl.  "Besides, you never know what the ending of the movie will be..." He smirked and kicked out his legs, resting them on Tech's lap. She grinded her teeth in response before glaring at him.


"I've seen this movie Seven times!" Tech exclaimed. She pulled up Soul's pant legs and held his legs captive so he couldn't pull away. A look of fear crossed Soul's eyes before she slowly started to pluck out his leg hair one by one. He let out a yelp and pulled his legs away from her.


"Stop it!" Soul groaned and started to smack her hands away. Tech loosened her grip on his legs and watched him move his legs before letting a smirk crawl on her face.


"You do this every time we watch a movie, Soul." Tech complained and glared. "And I know for a fact that the ending will be the same as it always has been. Tina will end up with that one guy," Tech waved her hand around in the air. "And then Chris will be at the bottom of a lake looking for the ring." She glanced over at Soul and narrowed her eyes for a challenge.


Soul looked up at the ceiling and wandered his eyes around aimlessly. He hummed softly before bringing his finger to his chin and saying, "Naaah..." He glanced over at her from the side. "Tina will be with that other guy."


Tech grinded her teeth again and jumped off of the couch and on her feet. "You're such a brat!" She exclaimed before jumping on him. Soul stuck out his hands and grabbed her shoulders, keeping her at an arm's length distance.


"Down down, tiger." Soul cooed and pushed Tech down next to him. She snarled with frustration and crossed her arms. She crossed her legs under her and stared at the television with a bored expression.


"You'd think that I would know the ending to one of my favorite movies..." She murmured softly and raised her eyebrow as she heard footsteps from behind her.  She looked over at Soul to see him frozen. Tech turned her head behind her to find herself at waist level to one of her roommates.


"What the Hell are you F*cking doing?!" She screamed from behind Tech. Tech widened her eyes and pushed herself off of the couch, landing on the floor. Immediately Tech covered the back of her head where she hit it on the table.


Soul fell off of the armrest of the chair and on his back at the same moment. The popcorn bucket spilled all over his chest and the bucket was now covering his face. He sat himself up and pulled the bucket off of his face.  Popcorn dripped from Soul's mouth as he spoke. "Echo..." He coughed and stared at the ceiling.


Echo glared back and forth between the two and glanced at the television. She placed her hands on the back of the couch and jumped over it. Echo landed next to Tech with a thud and snagged the DVD case. While frowning, she looked over at Soul. "Valentine's Day?" She said glaring at Soul.


A smirk crossed Souls face as he shrugged. "Tech insisted it was good..." He said and looked at the floor. He looked back up at Echo just as she threw the DVD case at him. The case hit him square in the forehead as he fell back down on his back with a groan.


Tech widened her eyes and stared up as Echo as Echo towered over her. "And YOU..." Echo screamed. Echo took a step to her and Tech slid back. "Do you know how F*CKING Hard it is to sleep when you two keep making so much NOISE?" Echo leaned over so she was a foot away from Tech.


Tech widened her eyes and used this moment to point over to Soul. "He said that you were being annoying earlier." She lied quickly. Soul's eyes widened as he glared at Tech. Echo quickly turned her head to look at Soul and she let out a small hiss of annoyance. Tech used this time to slide under the table and cross to the other side of the room.


"You B*STAR--" Soul started to say before he was punched square in the jaw by Echo. He fell back flat on the ground twitching lightly. Echo flexed her fist and turned to look back Tech. Tech widened her eyes and raised her eyebrow.


"I swear to F*CKING God if I hear another WORD out of EITHER of you tonight I'm going to..." Echo narrowed her eyes and stepped up to Tech. Tech widened her eyes and took a step back. Echo raised her hand and Tech quickly closed her eyes before a hand could touch her. Tech let out a soft sigh after she realized that Echo wasn't going to punch her.


When Tech opened her eyes again after the sigh she was abruptly punched in the stomach knocking the wind out of her. She leaned against the wall and slid down to the floor while clutching her stomach.


"I'll do that." Echo stated proudly and turned back to look at Soul. "You were really watching Valentine's Day? What a chick flick..." Echo snorted and stood up. She lead herself back down the hallway and slammed the door closed behind her.


Soul sat up and rubbed his jaw silently looking over at Tech. He glared at her intently.  He opened his mouth and whispered sharply to her. "I'm going to beat your ass, but Echo did enough. Karma's a bitch..." He trailed his voice off. Tech smirked and nodded before laughing loudly.


A glass bottle suddenly came flying out down the hallway and shattered above Soul and Tech. They both jumped with a start and looked down the dark hallway to see nothing but to only hear Echo's voice, "SHUT THE HELL UP!"


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