The Adventures of Uncle Poop and Aunt Rat- The Exercise Workout

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Aunt Rat is at it again - making Uncle Poops' life a living hell.

Submitted: December 30, 2008

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Submitted: December 30, 2008



It all began with that stupid elastic!

The idea had come to her the day she found it on her daily food search. "Today would be a good day to start an exercise program and get the mean, green, rat machine into shape." Tugging, the end of the elastic stretched and pulled and stretched some more, but it didn't come loose from the ground. Pulling her gums back over those yellow teeth, she braced her feet against a can and wrapped her claws around the exposed end. She yanked with all her strength in the opposite direction. P-i-i-n-n-g-g-g. The elastic thinned to a hairs width.

Aunt Rat was now horizontal with the ground but the elastic held its position. Hanging there she planned her next move. Turning slowly to face the ground, she felt the can roll. Instantly, Aunt Rat flew through the air, with the force of a bullet and landed in a pile of garbage. She was buried waist high and visible only by her kicking, hairy legs.

"Poop! Poop!" She attempted to scream but all that came out was "oooooo". Remarkably, Uncle Poop did hear something and looked out the outhouse door to see where it hadcome from. He was used to hearing the forest birds fighting over the garbage in the dump, but there was something strangely familiar with the noise this afternoon.

Back at the dump, Aunt Rat squirmed out of the hole and found the elastic. It had become successfully released and was sitting on the ground. She proceeded to clear an area for her mini gym. She retrieved an old mild carton which she gnawed a door into. It would make a good shower and change room. She picked out an old matchbox for her workout step and finished off the new environment with an old pair of panties for her towel. Now excited, she wanted to start her training right there and then.

Taking her much sought after treasure, she weaved the elastic in and out of her toes. With the other end in her 'bicycle spoke fingers', she began to pull up and down. This motion elevated two toes and squeezed the crap out of the other three. "What the ........?" she cursed. Aunt Rat released the elastic. She attached one end to her foot and the other to a fat pole sticking out of the rubble. Now flexing her leg back and forth she smiled at herself, slowing slipping into her imaginary life......

Lean and muscle rippled, she was on the beach. Heads turned and whistles were everywhere. Aunt Rat stood in the crystal blue water
kicking the waves gently. Why, even her hairy mole glistened in the sun, with its long hairsdancing in the off-shore breeze.
"Time for a puff." She lit her cigarette and breathed out a sigh of contentment. A buzz of excitement had begun around a blanket on the
beach, robbing Aunt Rat of her sudden stardom. Straining her eyes to see what was happening, she raised her cigarette hand to shield
out the sun. Instantly, her hairy mole caught fire. With arms flapping she tried to extinguish the face firebut only managed to heighten
the flames. "POOP! POOP!"

With a slap of reality from Uncle Poop, Aunt Rat was immediately back in the dump. Uncle Poop was swatting her flaming, hairy mole anddid not notice that he too had become engulfed. Like a dry dandelion on a hot summers day, his hair fizzled and snapped.

"The pond, the pond!" Uncle Poop grabbed Aunt Rat and dragged her off the stagnant pond. He shoved her in and dove in after her. The pungent odour of burnt fur was everywhere and black smoke snaked up from the pond.

In the end Uncle Poop had a burnt a nice little Mohawk into his fuzzy little head and Aunt Rat....well there just was no way Aunt Rat would ever look any better! However,the burnt nose and ear hairs were a good start.

As for the gym in the dump? Well, it was destroyed after the post that Aunt Rat had tied the elastic to turned out to be a fire-cracker. When it blew, it blew her gym equipment and neighbouring garbage all over the forest.

Ah well, tommorrow would be another day and another adventure....

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