The Adventures of Uncle Poop and Aunt Rat - THE WEDDING

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Once again Uncle Poop and Aunt Rat emerge from the rubble of their home in the dump; this time to attend a relatives' wedding. As usual things go "haywire".

Submitted: January 15, 2014

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Submitted: January 15, 2014



The invitation had been flown in by vulture - special delivery. Once the feces had been cleaned off - it was official; Uncle Poop and Aunt Rat had been invited to the Wedding of thier nephew ; Arsnic Deadwood.

Aunt Rat was all a flutter, drawing black nails through her knarly hair. " Whatever should I wear for such a prestigious affair?  My pea green dress with the dead moth sleeves or maybe my spiderweb gown with the grasshopper spit many choices."

"And what about me?" Uncle Poop cried.

Aunt Rat drew a long, foul breath, as her head snapped around and she glared at Uncle Poop from the top of his matted afro to the ends of his jam filled toes. He was a mess!

"First I will need to take a bath". He hesitated and then said " You could too...."

There was a dead silence that was only broken by the buzzing flies atop the toilet bowl. Aunt Rat raised one crusty eyebrow. " No thank you,  but I will help you", she said with a dripping smile.

Later that day she dipped Uncle Poop in the forest pond.  The last dip was the longest and he feared she had forgotten to pull him up at all .....but she did.

At last they were ready. Uncle Poop wore a green garbage bag suit jacket, which barely closed over his belly. Aunt Rat entered the room in a cloud of 'Au Du Mildew'; her favorite perfume. Her 'stick-like' arms hung like the arms of a clock and body was wrapped in banana peel. Perched on her head was a small, hairy, coconut shell. She smiled a black toothed, confident smile and proclaimed, " Brains and all this beauty too".

Not everybody thought so.  Aunt Rat and Uncle Poop were shuffled off to a table in the corner which they shared with Sabrina Skunk and Mortimer Maggot. As the night wore on, the banana peel darkened and fruit flies accompanied Aunt Rat everywhere. In the end the dress just slipped off and Uncle Poop was 'rolled' for his garbage bag.

Both returned home - naked but not alone! The fruit flies decided they would move in permanently, which was a disaster, but that is another adventure...yet to be told! 

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