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Status: Finished

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I wrote this story about a girl named Angel She lost her mother right after her birth she was rased by her father John and when she was 16 her dad met Jane Jessica and Kevin does she fall in love with Kevin will she find out why god took her mother find out
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I wrote this story about a girl named Angel She lost her mother right after her birth she was rased by her father John and when she was 16 her dad met Jane Jessica and Kevin does she fall in love with Kevin will she find out why god took her mother find out

Chapter1 (v.1) - Angel

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I wrote this story about a girl named Angel She lost her mother right after her birth she was rased by her father John and when she was 16 her dad met Jane Jessica and Kevin does she fall in love with Kevin will she find out why god took her mother find out

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Chapter 1

I'm your sweetheart he said to her as they lay beneath the stars hes holding his head up while she holds him in the dark will you love me for now and forever yes he says 3 years later she gose in to the doctor doctor says your peregnet the girl is only 20 shes not ready for a child but the boy looks into her eyes I want this baby it will be my world as you are please darling let us keep this child the months go by she goes to the doctors office 3 months later its a little girl the boy smiles shes our Angel after 4 months its time for the baby's birth the boy takes her to the ER she has the baby as she had the child she died shortly after having their little Angel the boy had tears in his eyes as he watched the woman he loved pass on 16 years later the girl wants to know what happened to her mother tears formed in her eyes as her dad tells her about her mother the girl gose to bed that night thinking about her mother she falls asleep that night she dreamed about her mother she wakes screaming her dad runs in shes was crying and her father holds her close shush my daughter she crys over and over he holds her that night they saw an angel fly into her window a mother and a lover as days go by and the girl relizes her mothers always been there in her heart she runs in the house one day after skool dad dad she said I found myself today her dad just looked her mom is here she said in our hearts her dad hit his knees sweetheart i know i was waiting for the right moment to tell you we are moving the girl yells at her dad and runs out of the house crying why god the girl yells as she hit the ground why did you take her from me I want mom she yelled at the sky tears in her eyes I wish I knew her the girl whispered in the wind then a woman came up to the girl is there something wrong miss the lord took my mom and I cant live with it the woman looks at the girl sweetie your moms here in your heart her dad runs out Angel he said as he looked into the woman's eyes and he saw the woman he loved his daughters mother Ann he said no the woman oh the man said dad whats wrong Angel asked that night I saw your mother in that woman's eyes dad the girl said mom's gone I know you miss her I do to but you cant go crazy about this please dad stop this none since please I’m begging you dad shes crying she runs into her room and looks at the picture of her mother there's a knock on the front door at 10 am Angel goes to the door and answers it it’s that woman again dad the girl yells may I help you Angel said my names is Jane I heard about your mother remember you told me yesterday Angel looked at the woman pain in her eyes Angel started to cry sweetie come here her dad said what do you want her dad said to comfort your daughter Angel looked up at the beautiful woman and she saw what her dad did she saw her mother mom Angel said no sweetie I’m not your mom but I am a friend of hers I know you’re hurting the woman wrapped her arms around Angel I want to help you your mother was my best friend.

Chapter 2
Birthday surprise

Angel's 17th birthday is coming up Jane said to John what do I get her Jane asked a CD Angel said as she walked in Angel sweetie how are you Jane asked Im on my last year of skool its hard OK sweetie Angel looked up on the wall at the picture of her mother as she dose everyday you miss her don’t you Jane asked with every beat of my heart Angel said then turned towards her room 3 hrs later Angel Jane said yeah Angel asked I’m in here she said Angel sweetie dinners done Angel walked into the kitchen Mm mm smells good Angel said thanks sweetie John said Angel walked up to her dad kissed him on the cheek love you dad love u to Angel Angel sat down lets eat Angel said Jane sat down by John have you told her yet John Told me what Angel asked I’m marring Jane what Angel yelled how why when she said tears in her eyes god I hate you Angel ran out of the house again it hadn't even been a year before he marry her o my god why god why do this to me I’ll be good yeah I like Jane but shes not my mom Jane told John let me go talk to her please John OK sweetheart Jane walked outside to the swing sweetie can I talk to you go away just go away I don’t want to talk to you right now well you don’t have to I will Jane sat down beside Angel sweetie I love your father and you with all my heart please sweetie will you give me a chance Angel fell into Jane’s arms just this once I love you too its just Angel said I’m not your mother I know sweetie Angel looked up at Jane I miss her so much I know Jane said she was your mom I miss my mom too Jane looked down into Angel’s Will you give me a chance sweetie sure I will you mess up once I will never forgive you 3 days later was Angel’s 17th birthday the next few days were hard for Angel her dad was getting married to another woman she just couldn’t believe he was doing it Angel sat at the kitchen table one night Jane had gone home for the night Angel asked her dad do you love her love who John asked Jane Angel said not as much as your mother Angel I loved and love your mother Angel Looked at John dad will you keep this one unlike the rest John looked his daughter right into her eyes Angel I love Jane look at me Angel I love her but I will not love her as much as I do your mother I promised your mother the day we found out you that you and her were my world you are my World Anglia Cassie Angel had tears in her eyes I miss her so much Angel set there for at least 20 minutes holding one another I miss her too Angel more than anyone will ever know Angel looked up at that old man and for the first time she saw what her mom did her dad was a child in his eyes she smiled and the child disappeared as her dad’s tears fell onto her face dad what’s wrong nothing Angel she looked at her dad it’s okay mom is here she holds a picture look he looked at the picture of her mom at age 20 Look how beautiful she is her dad looked she’s the most beautiful woman in the world isn’t she Angel smiled at her dad yes she is I love you dad

Chapter 3
The Wedding
Angel sets in the dressing room waiting on Jane Jane walked out in an amazing wedding dress you look beautiful Jane smiled at Angel really sweetie yes Jane you look beautiful well we should be getting ready for you to walk down that Aile 2 hrs later Jane's walking down the Aile and Angel is standing before her dad smiling her dad looked so surprised she looks amazing Angel her dad said almost as beautiful as your mother did on our wedding day Angel smiled and forced back the tears and looked at Jane a smile on her face then looked at at the crowed and for a second thought she saw her mother and the angel smiled and dissapered into thin air Angel Looked at her father and smiled because she knew he seen her to Jane smiled at Angel and winked Angel smiled back and she laughed a little Jane laughed to everyone just looked at them Jane had tears in her eyes and John wiped them away and whispered in her ear welcome to your new life my love Jane smiled welcome back she corrected him he looked at her like she was crazy God gave me life again she smiled he kissed Jane welcome back sweetheart Angel looked at her dad because she done knew who Jane was before her dad did she smiled at Jane aka Her mom she smiled at her dad who looked at Angel with confusion in his eyes and he said we need to talk all of us

Jane Angel And John all left early from the wedding early and looked at both Angel and Jane anger on his face why havnt you 2 told me about this about what dad Angel asked Jane aint Jane is she Angela Rain you better look at me John told Angel dad we thought you knew when you looked into her eyes that 1st day how long have you known Angel John said anger clear in his vocie since Jane talked to me that day outside when you asked her 2 marry you Angel that was a year ago why didnt you tell me because I promised Jane I wouldnt tell you


1yr ago to the wedding day


Angel sweetheart can I talk to you no go away well you dont have to talk but im going to talk I love you and your father you 2 are my life the reason I really came out here is because Im not who Im your mother you joking my mom? God gave me another chance at life im going to make it right you havnt around for sixteen years mom Angel hugs Jane thanks


Present day

wow youve known for a year wow sweetie Jane smiled at Angel good job Angel Youve been great to your father you have become a great woman the next day Angel was at a new school she sat alone at lunch and waited for the bell thats when she showed up Kathrine Kanes she pushed Angel down and Kevin Kane Helped her up Im sorry about her shes a jerk oh thank you Angel asked who she was shes the most popular girl in North Gates high said a girl who popped up beside Kevin hi Im Jessica this is Kevin he knows Kathrine thier shushs Jessie she dont need to know Angel dusted off her dress and step back well I better get to class thank you for all your help she smiled what do you have next Kevin asked spanish Angel said Hey Jessie Ill catch you in English Im gonna walk Angel to Spanish okay alright Kev see you in English Jessica took off to the left and Kevin walked with Angel to Spainish class and Angel said thanks Kevin asked do you need a ride home No Angel said Ill walk Kevin said if you need anything you can tell me here or heres my number he wrote his number down on her notebook text or call sometime Kevin winked and walked away Angels day flew by John and Jane were waiting for her Angel climded in the bed of the truck and put her earphones and played angels by Jane Kassie she started writing a poem they got home she climbed out of the bed of the truck she walked in the new house Jane and her dad bought right before the wedding she walked upstairs to her bedroom and there was a vocie messege on her phone she listened to it hey girl its Annie where are you I havnt heard from you in monthes what happened why aint you at school I miss you call me back at she wrote down the number she dialed it and she got vociemail she left a message then she turned on her computer she had 3 emails 1 from her ex Travis hey baby call me sometime she read the number the 2nd one was from her aunt in Californa hey babygirl Cali is beautful you your dad and Jane should come vist this summer the 3rd one was her horoscope John called up the stairs door Angel She walked down stairs and there stood Jessica and Kevin Kavin smiled hey Angel how did you find where I live she said I googled it he said laughing your dad works with mine and Kevins dad said Kevin wanted to know where you lived so I told him Angel smiled well then would you 2 like something to drink Sure Kevin said what about you Jessica call me Jessie please Jessie ok would you like something to drink Jessie Angel Said No thank you Jessie said Angel Samiled at Jessie Jessie smiled back Kevin was standing motionless and Jessie and Angel looked at him laughing Angel looked at him and said inside joke Kevin he looked at Jessie and smiled akwardly at Angel Angel shruged and he looked at her with surprised when she turned away from him he followed her to the kitchen is something wrong Angel No theres not Angel said with a little bit of tiredness in her vocie I need to go sit down she said a little wobbly she walked over to the kitchen chair she sat down and he looked at her you need to see a doctor she looked at the floor and she closed her eyes and fell in the floor Angel Angel he yelled John he called from the kitchen door John and Jane were outside on the swing Yeah John yelled back Angel Just passed out John ran inside Angel Angel John said Call 911 Jane now Jane ran to the phone Dad Angel Said Im right here sweetie dad 4 hrs went by and Angel was still asleep Yes sweetie Im here wheres Jane shes right here sweetie Angel woke up in a hospitle bed With Kevin and Jane Setting in the room wheres my Dad Angel asked hes in the waiting room you want me to go get him Jessie asked Yes please Angel Sat up as Jessie left the room whoa careful Angel Kevin said How long have I been in here 4 monthes Kevin said a smile on his face what whoa whoa whoa Angel I was just kidding about 4 hours is all Dont scare me like that she said while she lightly hit his arm he sat down beside her moved a stran of hair out of her eyes he smiled when he seen her brown eyes your eyes are beautiful she turned her face away from him she grabed a notebook from the bedside and started writing a poem


The sky of beauty and your hand reaching for me

A tear in your eye as I turn away

your heart is made of gold

As the night becomes our paridise

your vocie temps me

your touch lingering on my lips


Kevin was reading over her shoulder your gifted he said and Angel closed the notebook as her dad entered the room Angel sweetheart by this point Kevin was done off the bed side John Your aweak sweetie you feeling okay he asked yes alot better Dad Angel said Kevin looked at Angel she smiled at him a weak smile he smiled back at her then left the room John looked at Jane Should I he asked Yes Jane said Sweetie Doctor says you have cancer What!!!! Angel said Yes sweetie but they caught it in time you wont die Whew she said you should get dressed John Said were leaving the ER tonight Were leaving North Gates for awhile What!!!!! She yelled Dont worry Kevin and Jessie are going with us for the ride were going to vist your aunt in California for a few weeks what about skool dad we done delt with the 3 of you guys skool so were leaving tonight ok They left Angel in the room by her self only person who walked in was Jane with a pair of jeans and a tank top get dressed sweetie and then she left the room Angel Put on the Jeans and tank top and walked out of the room with the notebook in one hand and a pen in the other and the journey begins


Chapter 4

The beging of our trip

Jessie said Im riding with John and Jane if thats ok with you Angel yeah go ahead Jessie I'll ride with Kevin Angel Said Kevin looked at Jessie Who just smiled at him and turned away and got into the truck with John and Jane they started the truck and Kevin got into the driver seat come on Angel he said out of the passanger window ok Angel Said climbing in the Truck and he started the truck you a bit cold yeah but I'll be fine well we got to stop by your house and get a few things and then by me and Jessis's houses and grab things you gonna be ok he asked yeah Angel said closing her eyes they grabbed clothes and blankets from each house Angel Covered up with a red comferter in the back of an RV that her dad bought Kevin was driving and Angel curled up on the bed of the RV Angel fell asleep around 6 pm and woke up about 9 pm she got up and she relized the RV was stopped and she went up front and Kevin was asleep on the couch in the RV hey Wake up Kevin hmm move to the bed you were sleeping Angel I'm aweak now so move back there please Kevin ok Angel he said he got up and fell asleep on the bed Angel checked on him about 30 minutes later he was setting on the bed facing the wall he had a picture in his hand it was of a little girl maybe 2 who is she Angel asked my little sister He said oh where is she Angel asked shes with my dad in Califorina thats why Im taking this trip to see that beautiful face He said chuckling at himself how old is she Angel asked she'll be 10 this year wow i thought she was maybe 2 or 3 by that picture your holding this picture i got right before he took off with her wow Kevin im sorry Angel Said thats ok Kevin Said I miss her I bet Angel sat down beside him and gave him a hug shes beautiful Kevin Thank you he said to her and she pulled back and leaned in and kissed him lightly she pulled away again Im sorry Kevin for what Angel he asked kissing you She got up and walked to the front of the RV we need to get going yeah we do Angel went and laied back down Kevin started the RV up and was thinking about telling her he liked her but didnt say a word Angel was laying on the bed And was thinking about Kathrine and she was wanting to ask him about her so Angel got up hey Kevin Yeah he said can I ask you something Angel Asked Yeah sure What didnt you want Jessie to tell me about you and Kathrine Ummm he said why wont you tell me Well Kathrine and me we go way back oh did you 2 date or something whoa whoa whoa Kathrine's my sister oh ok is that all yeah why did you think I was dating her well she wouldnt tell me Angel laughed akwardly are you and Jessie together No me and Jessie are way to close anyway shes dating Koby Level oh are you dating anyone at the moment Yeah He said Oh who He just laughed no Angel im not dating anyone are you kinda Angel said oh really now yeah but I dont like him at all Kevin looked at her why dont you break up with him because mom I mean Jane likes him oh really now he smiled well she likes me to and I got another question for you Kevin said Oh really now and what would that be Angel will you be my girl he asked straight up Ummmm Hmmmm yes Kevin I will Angel Smiled She leaned in and kissed him agian he kissed her back wow that never gets old he laughed when she pulled away she laughed well then he pulled over and she looked at him he grabbed her and put her in his lap she laughed he kissed her long and deep then she got up and he started driving again she went and took a shower and got dressed she pulled on a nightgown and he looked at her with her hair in a mess and no make up you look beautiful Angel she blushes they have been on the road for 2 days Ring ring Theres a phone ring can you answer it Angel please its probly your dad Angel went and answered the phone hello Hey is Kevin around there yes but hes driving may I ask whose calling my name is Kathrine Im hes older sister Its your sister what should I say who Am I talkin to she asked My name is Angel Im Kevins Girlfriend oh well will you tell him I called Yes I will She hung up Angel Laughed what Kevin Asked nothing its just weird for me to be called your girlfriend he smiled at her well get use to it they got across the broader of California Hey sweetie were in Cali it was 7 am ok give me a second Kevin Angel said Ok sweetheart Angel Sat up and grabbed the notebook and wrote a poem




He is sweet

He holds me close

Thru the night he kisses me

This is all new to me

He tells me how beautiful I am

I hold up my part

He told me the truth the other night

His kisses are always sweet


You done writing sweetheart I heard my dad's vocie she jump up out of the bed into hes arms dad she yelled Well hi sweetie it hadnt been but a week since she could see my dad wheres Jane Dad shes in the truck she Jumped out of her dad's arms and ran outside to Jane Hi Mom she smiled hey Girl Jane smiled Angel Gave Jane a huge Hug I missed you and dad its only been a week sweetheart I ran to Jessie who stared confused sorry I Missed you too She laughed I missed you too Angel Kevin Came up behind me And wrapped his arms around me you glad to see all them were about an hour from your aunts sweetheart John said ok we should be going then I turned around and kissed Kevin come on Kevin He grabbed my hand and we walked to the RV Kevin kissed her cheek and smiled and Jessie laughed I looked back at her and she turned her head still laughing Kevin shut the door behind us and she climbed into the passanger seat he smiled and kissed her long and deep he took her hand kissed you go back to sleep she went to the bed in the back but didnt go to sleep instead she wrote another poem


Its like your keeping something from me

its like you telling her something

Im falling in the danger zone

you tell me theres nothing to worry about

you tell me shes got a guy back home

your telling me to catch some sleep

is this all a dream

does this mean this is where we begin


Angel he hollered for her sweetie come her she walked up there what look at the beautiful ocean she looked out the window wow its beautiful not nearly as beautiful as you are she blushed Ring Ring You answer it this time please Kevin stopped and answered it hello Kevin said this is David Kevins father is this Kevin Yes sir it is may I ask you why your calling me sir Kevin asked Your little sister wanted to talk to you well put her on the phone Kevin said ok son here she is David said hi a little vocie came on the phone hey Cassie sweetie how are you sissy Angel smiled at Kevin Im coming to see you sissy really yeah but dont let dad know ok is dad any where around you no he went to the store you swear Cassie yes Im gonna bring you home with me ok Ok bubby I love you Cassie Kevin said I love you too Kevin I want you to talk to my girlfriend ok Ok Kevin Talk to her please sweetie I love her Angel I will Kevin Im on my way babygirl Hurry up bubby he could be back any minute Kevin Im on my way Kevin Handed Angel The phone Hello Cassie Im Angel Im your brothers Girlfriend I know give me a second Cassie Stay on the phone Angel went and grabbed the notebook and went back to the phone you there yeah Im still here Angel Angel started to write another poem


Shes just a child

She needs our help to save her from him

she is only a child god

give her to me

I want to protect her I want to save her

God give me this little girl

Shes a sister an amazing man

God watch over this child just for me


Angel looked at Kevin Kevin are you ok Kevin had tears in his eyes Kevin Said yes Im fine just wanting to get to her as fast as I can look at me please Kevin we will get to her I swear this to you your sister will be home and safely I promise this to you and her Angel said Cassie you still there yes she said Cassie did you hear what I said Yes i did She said Angel could hear the tears in her vocie dont cry please how do you know Im crying I have my way Cassie your still talkin to him get off that phone Angel heard a vocie in the background SLAP! She hears a dial tone Cassie Cassie are you there He slapped her we need to hurry Kevin Angel Said trying to hold back the tears she writes


this child needs me

this child is in danger

her dad dont care for her

god now

give me this child

She needs me

I wont give up

I will never give in

I trust in you god


Angel sat there tears in her eyes Kevin Drive faster she needs us bad please God Please God let us get to this child before death does God we need to she praied and beged she holds her word they get there about 9 am Kevin rushes through the door there lies hes sister Cassie are you ok Angel runs to the little girl grabs her up and runs her to the RV Kevin hit David I dare you to lay another hand on my little sister I will kill you he hit Kevin Kevin stumbled back and then he hit David David fell to the ground Kevin ran start the RV Angel now Angel started the RV they drove away Call the ER Angel did as she was told she called and as soon as someone answered we have a ten year old child whose badly hurt were bring her up there we need you to help her please ok the nurse said were on our way they pull up to the ER and as soon as they pull up 2 nurses show up let us take her who done this to this girl our father Kevin said Angel grabbed her notebook and she wrote


Shes safe

shes sound A little angel

god sent stright to me

an angel god gave to me

god gave to him

god has gave us a blessed child

shes beautiful

shes wise

just like him

god gave me a sister

and let me protect her


Angel fell asleep by Cassie's bedside Cassie woke up Angel she asked yes sweetie your Angel my brothers girlfriend yes sweetheart your vary pretty my brothers lucky no Im the lucky one your lucky to have a brother like Kevin Yeah hes protected me I love him Cassie said hes something aint he Kevin Cassie yells hey Pretty girl Kevin She smiled the brightest smile I have missed you I have missed you to He smiled at the little blue eyed girl on the bed he walked over to her and held her close to him I will never ever give you back to him not now not ever I love you sissy I love you too Kevin Kevin had tears in his eyes I will never give you back he repeated and she relized he was bleeding what happened she asked Kevin looked at his arm and blood ran down it and there David stood gun in hand let go of her Cassie started to cry leave us alone she yelled leave us alone I want to stay with Kevin You hurt me he dont David Stay away from Cassie you touch her I will kill you thats when Angel relized that John was standing behind David with a knife in his hand he looked at me and fell to the ground knife in Davids back and Bullit in his and there stood Jane a gun in her hand I cried And cried Kevin step in front of me Dont even try Karen I will kill you to Angel looked at Kevin thats Jane not Karen oh what a smart boy Kevin Dont touch Cassie or Angel I will kill you Karen Angel fell down at Kevin's feet why she said and she said the poem her mom taught her


God bring them to me bring my famliy back

my mother

my father

please god

this i wish

for them bring me



your my lord bring them to me

kill this evil


Angel Rose in the air and light came and went and there stood her mother and father Kevin Smiled There stood her Grand Mother and Grand Father she took Kevin's hand and Cassie she said the wrods over and over again her mother joined in her father joined in Cassie Joined Then her Grand Mother And then Grand Father then the last one to join in was Kevin and Angel's vocie rose above all else and she rose above them and Karen Ran out the door and was gone everyone disappered and all the was left was Kevin Angel and Cassie and Angel wrote


goodbye demon

hello my love

goodbye hatered

hello faith

Goodbye Karen

Hello Kevin And Cassie

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