Understanding U By Cherekee R. Mays

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This is for all the people who has had a tough time in life. this can show them that they are not alone. I know what your going through

Submitted: November 27, 2012

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Submitted: November 27, 2012



Life and time passes by in a blink of an eye and you change and become diffrent. you look out a window and wonder where has time gone. one minute your a little kid who has all the time in the world but then you get a little bit older and soon your a teen and you feel like no one cares but thats not the case they understand you. they just don't see through your eyes nor do they walk in your shoes. the older you get the more you change. your not as strong as you use to be. Things have been took from you. your back to feeling alone. but you know something is missing but it better for you. but still theres an angry person inside you. you know they left you behind. you know they want you to live like them but you can't. you can't walk in their shoes because your better then that. You can make a life for yourself. your stronger then that you know you are. you can't be like them. they are worthless. they left you unarmed and unprepared for reality. your bearly able to keep your sainty. they left you with nowhere to hide. your scared and unprepared. you don't understand how its a one way street. you have to go see them but they don't do the same. you have to call them and half the time you get voicemail. She wants one of you but not the other. you just dont understand why she dosen't want you. it hurts every minute but you hide it and can only truely know how much it hurts. you can't fall to the pain you have to hold up your head because i know what it feels like in your shoes. I've walked millions of miles in your shoes and i can see through your eyes and i know what its like not to understand why they have abandonded you and left you in the ice cold and in the dark,You know theres always someone who will love you no matter what. where you at now you will succsed in the matter of a few years. you will no longer have to live in shame of them in your past no more lies no more pain. Truth and love is what you will have and i will stand beside you and congratulate you for over coming the beast within 

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