Because I Have To Be Here, With Him Today

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I am finally at peace, with my other half. It means more than I ever thought it would.

Submitted: October 14, 2011

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Submitted: October 14, 2011



The sun on my skin,
The strong smell of hay.
The one man by my side,
Who always loved me.

I didn’t always love him,
I didn’t always understand him.
Praise God that his will is not easily broken.
Because I have to be here with him today.

This is where it ends,
This is where I’m safe.
Belonging to someone has never felt this right.
Praise God he found me.

I am blessed,
After such a hard life.
I’d go through it all again,
Just to be with him.

Every day felt like a year,
Every year like ten.
It wasn’t until I met him,
That time finally made sense.

Something was always missing,
And I always waited for it to come along.
But when he found me,
I pushed him away.

Thank the good Lord for his persistence,
Because I have to be here with him today.
He holds my hand as if he is afraid to let go,
I stare at him as if I am afraid he’ll vanish.

Thank you Lord, for finally letting me find him.
Because a life without him is not one I could bear.
He completes me,
Makes me a better person.

What would I do,
If today I was alone.
And not with the one man,
To whom I belong?

He protects me,
He takes care of me.
He is my best friend,
My first and last hope.

We love the same God,
Pray for the same people.
Thank you God for letting him find me,
Because I have to be here, with him today.


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