Prayers For My Baby

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The things that go through a man's mind when his wife is in pain.

Submitted: October 18, 2011

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Submitted: October 18, 2011



They used to just be hollow.
Her eyes.
She used to just push it down deep.
She would hide it.

She could still smile.
She still would laugh.
And I knew she always really meant it.
But the past haunts.

It finally caught up with her.
It has finally devoured her.
I don’t know how to save my wife.
And all she does is cries.

I ask her if she is alright.
What else can I say?
But she doesn’t answer.
It was a dream that began this.

Never before have I wanted to kill a man like this.
Look at how he hurts my wife!
Just his ghost has made her break.
And why can I ask shouldn’t I break him?

I hold her as she sobs.
But it’s like she doesn’t even know I am there.
The bastard hurt my wife!
If only I could go back in time and change the past.

If only I could do anything.
But how to help a scared child?
“Please, please.” she whispers.
She’s breaking my heart.

My baby,
My love,
My wife,
My life.

I am supposed to protect her!
Dear God don’t let me lose my baby.
I rock her back and forth.
My shirt is soaked in tears.

“Baby, baby.” I whisper.
“I won’t let anything hurt you.
 Never again.
I’ll protect you I promise.”

Oh God,
She looks up.

“I love you.” She says.
I hold onto her tighter.
“I love you.” I tell her.
I stroke her hair.

I say a prayer of thanks to God.
I’ve never wanted anything more in my life,
Than just to see her smile again.
And she does.

She smiles at me.
In just seconds,
My heart heals.
“Baby.” I breathe.

© Copyright 2017 Cherie Arlavine . All rights reserved.

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