The Realization of Growing Up

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A little poem about growing up.

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Submitted: November 16, 2011



Maybe it’s important for some people to suffer temporarily,
If it means someone else’s happiness.
But the strongest find the good in the bad.
The strongest face life when they are scared to death.

So I’ve been weak.
In a lot of ways I am still just a child,
But I am loathe to admit it.
I’m growing up.

I’ve learned that growing up means accepting life’s cruelty.
Accepting hit after hit and rolling with the punches.
But that’s just how it goes.
You just learn to accept that you are one of the unlucky people.

I’m learning more than I ever have.
But another lesson of life,
Adults never treat you as an adult.
You’re always just a child to them.

Being grown up is taking responsibility.
Growing up is taking the hit for someone else when it’s right.
Growing up is knowing that knights in shining armor only exist in the story books.
You learn to take care of yourself.

Growing up is trusting no one,
And knowing everyone will let you down.
Growing up is accepting that.
Growing up is realizing that you take care of yourself.

It’s not always fun to admit you’re wrong.
But it’s necessary.
Being grown up is hard.
But being a child is not an option anymore.

much sooner than I realize,
I’ll be on my own.
There really will not be anyone to defend me but myself.

Before I know it,
It will be sink or swim.
I’ll be the only person on my side.
I’ll be the only person who cares about me.

Growing up is giving and giving,
And barely receiving.
And being happy about it.
Growing up is changing the world.

Being grown up is doing every good thing you can,
And never expecting a thank you.
And most likely never receiving one.
Growing up is hard.

So put your chin up,
Plant your feet,
And face it head on.
Growing up is ultimately realizing that you never stop learning.

When you grow up,
You accept who you are.
Maybe the result is not what you expected.
But it is what it is.

This almost grown up is a bit cold,
This almost grown up had learned to stay unattached.
Because being grown up is knowing that if you put yourself out there people will hurt you.
Being grown up sometimes means being alone.

And being grown up is pretending to be happy about everything that is wrong.
Being grown up is realizing that there isn’t much fun in being grown up.
But loving it anyway.
Here’s to being grown up.

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