Come What May...

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I wrote this piece for a friend overseas who was going through a tough time and was having trouble letting go. ~ CF

Submitted: June 18, 2008

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Submitted: June 18, 2008




Life is so strange sometimes
One week everything just falls into line
The next week it's all out of rhyme
Words for some so easily come
For others they need to dig deep
Some they just throw it all out on a limb
And then boom they're just done
When the wind whispers songs
Through the leaves on the trees
And loneliness seems at best the place to be
That's when most feel so incomplete
So they talk to the moon
Before they retire for the night
Hoping for some rest, some kind of insight
How to handle the fear that resides in their hearts tonight
The moon dances and smiles
Sheds a tear though she's merry
Cos its the weary this time that she's going to carry
To the sun who is warm, full of love, always caring
Lift your arms to her, reach out she is there
More than that bright orb way out there
She knows you, she's been where you are
Take a step, stand up tall, she's not very far
Feel the sun, soak her in
Be renewed, it's not the end
Love hasn't left you just because she's your friend
Lift your eyes, focus now
Not on the past, but on right now
See your hopes, view your dreams
Not the curse or the hurts
That once ripped you apart at the seams
Learn not to hate but to love
Try not to undermine what you have
Instead try to nurture its purity like a white dove
Be good to yourself, don't be hatin' on others
Remember the lessons you were taught by your mother
Hold dear to your heart, the treasures most precious
Keep them close, protect them with honor
She's a gem, she's your friend
She loves you that's certain
Don't pretend it's the end
In the dark don't be lurking
Come into the light, feel the sun on your face
The moon danced you into this wonderful place
You've been given a gift, what is this, you may ask
A friendship built on trust, full of love, meant to last
What you do, how you act, will affect it too
She is willing to forgive and forget now
Will you?
If you say that you will, you must keep your word
Never mention again the past,
Or what you think you heard
That's not important, build from today
Be true to yourself, Be yourself and
Keep it that way
The time is now, come along, light the fire
Rekindle the kinship deep in your heart
Start today, not tomorrow, you know the way
Love lasts forever....come what may.

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