For The Love of Jasmyne - Part I

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This is a short story about a woman desperate to keep her daughter from harm. So desperate that she is willing to go underground and hide her daughter from her family and the FBI... ~ CF

Submitted: June 18, 2008

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Submitted: June 18, 2008




"Come on Sweet Pea, let's get you into the car." she said as she gently lifted her baby girl out of her Dora the Explorer toddler bed and wrapped her favorite blanket around her. "It's going to be a long night, but it will all be worth it knowing you are safe." She kissed her sleeping daughter's nose and whispered 'I love you's' as she buckled her snugly into her carseat. She took one last look back at the small mundane apartment she was leaving behind as she quickly assessed if she had everything she needed, everything Jasmyne needed. She decided it was time, she couldn't look back, couldn't say goodbye, she just had to do this - for Jasmyne. Jasmyne was only three, but she was special, no she was extraordinary, and she was in danger. The longer they stayed in this town, the more danger she put Jasmyne in and she couldn't do that anymore. No, she was Jasmyne's mother, she had to protect her daughter at all costs even if she couldn't explain why, she knew what she had to do.

"Let's go Kryssi, we don't want to alert anyone in this neighborhood unnecessarily. As it is we'll have to push the car down the street before we can start it if we want to get out of this place without drawing any attention, ya know?" Ben Adler was Kryssi's best friend in the whole world. He had always been there for her, through thick and thin, and although he was not Jasmyne's father, he adored and protected her as if she was his own. Kryssi was so thankful to have Ben in her life. Especially now.

"Okay Ben," Kryssi whispered. "Is Angelique in the car?" Angelique was Ben's highschool sweetheart who was always up for an adventurous challenge. Kryssi really liked her and thought she was good for Ben. Ben trusted Angelique with his heart and she hadn't broken it yet, that gave her top ranking in Kryssi's book.

"Yes, shhhh...she's in the back seat with Jasmyne, now let's get this car rolling shall we?"

Kryssi quietly opened the driver side door, turned the key and put the car in neutral. She signaled silently to Ben and he began to push while she steered. They only had a half a block to go, but the delicate nature of this situation made it seem like an eternity to get there. When they were at a safe distance, Kryssi hopped in and applied the break bringing the late 1980's model sedan to a halt. She glanced over her shoulder making sure Jasmyne was still sleeping before getting out and moving to the passenger side. Ben started the car and they were off into the night without another word...

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