For The Love of Jasmyne - Part II

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This is the continuing short story about a woman desperate to keep her daughter from harm. So desperate that she is willing to go underground and hide her daughter from her family and the FBI... ~ CF

Submitted: June 18, 2008

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Submitted: June 18, 2008



The silence in the car was deafening. Kryssi's heart was pounding so fiercely that she swore it would wake Jasmyne if it didn't slow down. She was so relieved to be leaving that town behind and all its evils and secrets with it. She had to get Jasmyne to a safe place where she could have a normal life. Kryssi wanted only the best protection for Jasmyne and if that meant sacrifice to the death, she would do whatever it took to save her baby girl.

Angelique leaned forward and placed her hand on Kryssi's shoulder. "You're doing the right thing Kryssi, one day Jasmyne will thank you."

Kryssi reached her hand up to clutch Angelique's, mustered a small smile and softly said, "Over the last three years I have gone to so much trouble to convince everyone that I wasn't the 'mother-type'. Do you have any idea how difficult that was for me? I can't believe people, well nevermind people, family members even, actually believed that I didn't want my daughter. That I didn't want to raise my daughter. So many nights I spent crying myself to sleep knowing that I couldn't kiss her goodnight or listen to her bedtime prayers or read her 'Goodnight Moon'? She let out a deep sigh and swallowed hard to choke back the imminent tears. "Ben, Ang, you understand why I did what I did, right? I mean I never meant for her to be put in danger. I thought she would be in less danger with my sister, that she would be out of harm's way if I wasn't around her. Oh Goddess, I was so wrong."

"Shhhh," Ben whispered, "Of course we understand. We understood then and we understand now. The important thing is that we got her out of there. Now we have to concentrate on getting her to a place where she'll be safe and sound. You didn't mention anything about your plans to anyone did you?"

Kryssi shuddered at the thought, "Goddess no!" She buried her face in her hands and whispered, "When my sister wakes up and finds Jasmyne gone..." she trailed off as she glanced back at Jasmyne still sleeping in her carseat. "Oh Sweet Pea, I love you so much, Mama's gonna make sure you are well taken care of, I promise."

Ben patted Kryssi's leg, "You rest now. You're going to need it. Ang can take care of Jasmyne if she wakes up. We packed lots of juice boxes and healthy snacks. Plus, we brought some of her favorite toys too."

Kryssi looked surprised. "How did you manage that? We barely had time to get her out of the apartment with a few of her things let alone grab her toys."

Ben just winked at her and then threw a wink in Angelique's direction. "Let's just say, we have our ways. Anyway, what's done is done. We have Jasmyne and that's all that matters. Getting her favorite toys was just an added bonus. Besides, having things that are familiar to her will make her adjustments a little less difficult on her."

Kryssi's eyelids were beginning to betray her. all she could think about. Soon she gave in to their heaviness and faded off to sleep...

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