Something In The Air

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...because life isn't always what it seems ~ CF

Submitted: June 23, 2008

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Submitted: June 23, 2008




In the air

There is a sense of reeling

Something feels incomplete

It's because life isn't always what it seems...

In search of truth

Just a breath of tranquility

Every corner

Leads to another brick wall

Sometimes, the first thing you sense

Is the last thing you feel

As you're wasting away

Into nothingness

Love is not an open and closed book

There are no faerytale endings

What is staring you in the face

Is just a mask

A fake beginning

To a sure ending

Pain always ready to pounce

Causing heartache, a ruthless demise

Darkness hovers

Dimming the last hinto of hope

Best of intentions scattering

Into shadows of fear

Tears mercilessly leaking from your eyes

No amount of willpower to conquer them

Wondering if this will ever cease

Can I be strong again

Loneliness devours me

I feel a sense of emptiness

From the skies

I don't want it to swallow me

Why can't I cry

I feel something coming in the air today

My whole being feels torn

I need direction to find a way

To the destiny for which I was born

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