i love you!!!!!!

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i have a guy i like at school alot he dosent like me and yeah every one has had this problem at least once so i wrote a poem about my feeling because that i think makes the poem better

Submitted: March 05, 2008

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Submitted: March 05, 2008



i love you

you dont feel the same 

i sit next to you every day

i pass you in the hall

i squeel when i see your face

but you never hear me

i love you

and have for a while

you dont now how much you mean to me

i would give my life for you

i see you hurt and i share your pain

when you talk

im wrapped in warmth

when you smile i smile

when you try to be funny

i laugh nowing it will make you happy

when you look at me and think i dont notice

im realy staring right back

when your happy

i fall even more in love with you

when you stick up for me

i jump inside

if only you felt the same way

i now who you love and

i wish it was me!

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