sentenced for life

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this is a very contriversial topic please dont argue with it its what its is

Submitted: March 02, 2008

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Submitted: March 02, 2008



anger takes the best of me

i perform a duty only done by god

i took a sole from its bodie and gave it to haven

selling my sole

forever damed on earth

sentenced to hell for forever

balck and white stripes

show the evil inside

why did i do it

 was it worth it

can i ever fix this

50 years in the island of hell

tortured by all

bullied by the stong

not a friend in sight

no one to break up the fights

a lesson well learned

never again will i kill for revenge

a final blow

sentences my sole

a suprise

hevan exsepted my offer after all

i took the blow from the last guy

giving up my life for what i did

forgiving my sin

i came back to find hevan was a place on earth hiden in a diffrent diminsion

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