Please Don't Cry Anymore

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Kathy lost her boyfriend in an accident. She constantly has dreams about him.

Submitted: November 12, 2008

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Submitted: November 12, 2008



NOOO PLEASE ANYTHING BUT HIM!” screamed Kathy at the top of her lungs.

“Heh he, too bad pretty girl,” said the drunken boy, “say goodbye to your boyfriend.”


“Kathy, I’m so sorry to leave you like this….. I love you.” His eyes started to roll to the back of his head.

“Kyle, don’t you dare leave me!” Just keep him talking and he’ll be alright, but he’s losing so much blood…. Kathy thought.

“I’m sorry.” His hand went limp in Kathy’s.

“NO NO NO! HE CAN’T HE JUST CAN’T.” Kathy sobbed.


Kathy woke up, a sheen of cold sweat hugging her body. Her sheets were a total mess, tangled between her legs and draping on the floor’s fuzzy purple carpet.

“Damn, another day of boring ass school.” Kathy grumbled only half awake.

Getting up, she noticed that someone was downstairs humming and making breakfast.

“Well that’s a new one, mom making dinner.” Laughing at the thought, Kathy went to brush her teeth.


After 3 minutes of brushing her teeth, she went to her walk-in closet and picked out a red demin miniskirt and a dark purple tank top with a V-cut.


Sexy, but it’s for no one to admire. Kathy thought as she looked at the full body mirror.

 She went downstairs; skipping her mother’s burnt eggs and decided to go to her bus stop. But instead she went to her friend, Izzy, to see if she could hitch a ride.

“Ugh…..the schedule is BS girl.”

“I know, I still have Mr.Balmer, first period. You?” Kathy replied.

“Lemme see, um I have Mrs.Wizwiz.” Izzy giggled at the weird name.

“Well good luck to you.”
“And you Kathy.”
“Thanks for the much needed luck.”

Kathy rushed off, knowing Mr.Balmer from when she was a sophomore, he would throw a fit if she was late.

Kathy slipped into her seat just before Mr.Balmer entered the room.

So far so good

“Today we begin our lesson with Shakespeare.” He emphasized the word.

There was a groan from the sea of students.

“Miss Phate, please read the play Romeo and Juliet.”

“Um…. Sure, I guess.” Kathy answered back with uncertainty.

“Juliet: NO not Romeo, take me instead.”

“Romeo: I’m so sorry Juli-“

“Juliet: Hush my dear, for we only have so much time left together.”

No, this is way to familiar Kathy wanted to stop but she kept reading.

“Romeo: No, the pain is too unbearable I can’t Juliet, I can’t.”

No, this isn’t happening…

“Juliet *screams into the air*: Somebody please help me! Somebody get help please!”

Kathy started to begin the next line but couldn’t. This reminded her too much of the accident with Kyle. The only one that had loved her. She felt hot tears brimming her eyes. Shit, no I won’t cry I just won’t… Kathy fled the classroom. She ran fast, faster than she ever ran. She didn’t even notice the clomping sounds of boots behind her until she stopped at the main office.

“Leave me alone.”
“No, you’re way to pretty to cry.”

Even though flattered by the comment Kathy said, “You jerk, if you really want me to stop crying just go away.”

“I will not.”

Finally Kathy had to turn to face her stalker. She gasped. No freakin’ way.

“Please don’t cry anymore.”

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