A Bitter Farewell

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IF you Feel resentment tward and ex.....

Submitted: January 15, 2008

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Submitted: January 15, 2008



Sometimes I think the ache wont cease, the pain wont fade away,
And you live for my insanity, leading all my hope astray.
Your presence overwhelming, choking me like toxic mist,
For just breathing in the air you've touched tastes strong of bitterness.
You cling to all your hatred and make life a misery to live.
You let them take until you brake, while loves a gift they never give.
You stumble and you fumble, desperately trying to find a way out,
While the memories keep coming back, and your drowning in self doubt.
She's never there, there's no one left, you've dug yourself a grave,
By refusing to see the truth among the soul you could have saved.
And you look at me with hatred strong, but why am I to blame,
When you were the one to push me out, when I thought you felt the same.
Yes you hate to see me happy and my smile makes you twitch.
To you my life is nothing because I'm just a worthless B****.
To see me breathe or laugh or live, I see it makes you cringe,
And you long to end my heartbeat with the push of a syringe.
And while you hate at heavens gate, my world is somewhat bliss,
For a memory is all you are, erased by another's kiss.
My heart is whole; the pieces found and glued back into place,
And though I can't recall the name, I still can see the face.
You're just a ghost that stalks the halls, there's nothing really there.
And though I dearly did once then, I don't want to f*****g care!
You've been replaced, my heart erased, no I don't want to see your face.
He fixed the cut,, the hole is shut, go back to her, your worthless s**t.
I'm not obsessed, I'm not depressed, and I see our past return less and less.
And so I breathe, my heart at ease, free to hate you as I please.
You have your ho, and I hope you know I won't cry this time when you go.
And I have his heart, at least he's smart, and wont end up so bitter and t
And so we part, with broken hearts, and there is nothing you can say.
Because I'm happier with him somehow, I'm better off this way.

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