JT's Final Song

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After band member JT succumbs to alcohol to soothe the wounds of his wife's affair, Tragedy strikes the lead singer in the worst way.... Will the band make it in time to continue their rise to fame?

Submitted: February 08, 2008

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Submitted: February 08, 2008



JT’s Final Song

As I narrowed my eyes at the vast, black seat of movement in front of me, my stomach inched itself into a fit of pain, excitement, and a little too much vodka. The sea began to roar as the darkness around me faded, and lights of every color hit the floor around me. This I knew, would be another one that I would deeply regret when I awoke tomorrow, yet I didn’t care, this was about now, and now- I was gonna go for the thrill. Then all at once, the lights shone down, amps came on, mic was blasted and guitars were tuned and the moment of anticipation came and went as I screamed into the mic a note of power.

As the drums beat out overly enthusiastic thuds and guitars screeched notes through the area, I sang the notes that I knew so well by heart, yet in my mind, other things were drifting in my thoughts. I thought about what was next for this band, and what we could do to get bigger, better, and more powerful. I thought about how I liked playing with mike’s hair and dreading it before a huge show. I thought about the perfume I often sprayed backstage to keep the sweat smell from consuming us all hours of the day, and all the blue eye shadow that I go through in a week, just carefree thoughts. But what I didn’t think of was how much JT had consumed tonight alone.

As the guitars roared away, and the lights faded into black, the moving sea drained out, and the stadium emptied. As we took a walk off stage, back into the bus we’d labeled “Hell on Wheels”  JT downed another bottle’s worth of liqueur, now starting to have me worried. “Why have you been drinking so much, JT? It’s not like you to be the intoxicated one!” He managed to chuckle before starting to cough, and when he finally settled down, he slurred out grunts that sounded like, “You know how we roll.”

Still, deep down, I was slightly worried, but not to the point of obsession, so I simply dismissed it for the time being. Hours later we all met for dinner. I glanced at the four faces staring back at me. On my left was mike, my high school sweet heart and ultimately, one of my favorite people. He wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but considering our carriers, he didn’t have to be. Across from me was JT, my brother practically, and my best friend since the 8th grade. I knew I could tell him anything, yet after these binge drinking episodes lately, I questioned if he felt he could still do the same.

Between mike and JT was Shane, mike’s best friend and the best drummer I’ve ever met, despite his frequent bad behavior. Next on JT’s right was heather, than David between me and her. Heather and David were in this band well….just to be there. Heather was insane on keyboard, and with david on backup guitar, mike covering base, and JT as a sensational lead guitarist, it was no wonder that we were moving up in the world, with more fans than we openly admitted. As we ordered, I decided to approach the subject before casual conversation erupted.

“ So what’s with your sudden alcohol addiction lately J,” I mumbled to him, nervous of his reaction. “Must I tell you?” His tone stung with annoyance, and I wondered if I should just let it be, but before I could drop it, he sighed and said, “Alyssa Is having an affair.” I gasped in shock. His wife of so many years…..cheating? No wonder he was down. “J, I’m so...” He cut me off, “Look, lets not talk, I need to think and …..Call her,” he sputtered out before pushing out of his chair. “I’ll be at the hotel,” he yelled hurriedly, exiting out the doors, tears betraying his true feelings by spilling out of the corner of his eyes before he rushed out.

 “Oh man, poor guy, “whispered heather, which left the conversation feeling awkward. With nothing to say once JT left, we all silently ate our food, the bitter realization of our band mate’s pain lingering in the air. And with dinner done, we joined JT in the lobby of our hotel. We quickly got our 4 assigned rooms, and informed our manager, Laura, that we wanted to take a night off the bus. After hearing the news, sleeping on the bus just didn’t feel right somehow. There was nothing left to do then but exchange forced farewells, and check into our rooms.

“Mike,” I choked out once we were snuggled into bed, moments later,” I’m worried…” “Don’t babe, he’s stronger than you think, “Mike assured as he kissed me, and then clicked off the light. It felt like it took hours to fall asleep. Mike was out cold within a few minutes and as I curled in closer, I couldn’t help but wonder if I should check on JT before I slept tonight. I decided that if I couldn’t sleep later than I would go ahead and check. As I put it out of my mind, satisfied with my decision, I drifted into a light sleep. Had I just checked on him before I slept, maybe it wouldn’t have been too late?

It was 3 am when I woke up from a more than disturbing dream. I had to face it that I wouldn’t be able to sleep without knowing he would be ok, so i crawled out of mike’s arms and clicked open the door, making sure I didn’t wake him up as I left. I began gently tapping on his door, which was right next to mine and across from heather and david’s so I tapped only as loud as I needed to. After a few moments of no response, my stomach lurched and suddently I was filled with a wave of nausea and fear. My consistent beatings became louder and louder and soon I began to panic as I pounded on JT’s door with both fists

I knew something was wrong when mike appeared, awoken from my panic attack. I beat harder on the door as I explained to mike my fear, and soon even he was worried as shane and eventually heather and david awoke. I couldn’t handle the uncertainty anymore, pushing through everyone now starting to gather in the hallway, awoken from the commotion, I ran into the lobby, and made them give me the extra key to Jt’s room.

As I wove my way through the hotel’s awoken guests, all clad in pajamas and thin nightgowns, I rushed to Jt’s door and slid the key into the lock. It unlocked without much protest, and as the door swung inward into the dark room, my heart collapsed as I flicked on the light. The room was heavily littered with empty liqueur bottles, and lying in a large heap on the bed to the far left, was my wonderful and talented brother of a best friend, deader than road kill.

No words could describe how I felt. I let out a shrill cry of agony as I crumpled to the floor, my heart burning in a feeling I had only imagined, as the tears blurred my vision, everything slowly faded out of focus and with that, I blacked out in a wave of pain that was unmatched by any wound.

I woke up later, much later, mike asleep in a chair next to my bed, his hand clutched to mine as he dreamed on. He stirred as I began crawling out of the bed that I recognized as mine at home in New York. As I wandered through the house, Heather and David occupied the guest room down the hall, Shane on my couch. Everyone was asleep, but as I walked to the end of the hall where JT’s room was, I opened the door to find his room empty, its contents untouched since he had last been there. As I glanced at the empty bed, the memory of our hotel stay flooded back into my mind and I became numb with grief, realizing he was gone.

Mike then appeared, his arms around me as he whispered, “I’m so sorry babe, we came back home as soon as the coroner’s office gave us the paperwork. We figured it was what you needed. That was two days ago.” The image of JT’s lifeless body came back into my mind and the bottles strewn about his body.” If he only hadn’t drunk all that alcohol, I knew it wouldn’t be good, oh, mike……” “What are you talking about?” Mike seemed confused by my statement. “Didn’t he die of too much alcohol?” I questioned. “JT didn’t die of drinking….. the results came up 100 positive…..”

“WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT I SAW ALL THE BOTTLES!!” I couldn’t help screaming, I was so confused by what he was saying. “John Travis didn’t die of that. No what killed him was the gunshot……..JT was murdered by Alyssa’s lover that she was having the affair with, he figured if they killed him, they could claim the insurance money and get married, however, he was spotted leaving the hotel and arrested shortly after.”

As I listened to Mike, I Looked across the room and noticed a piece of paper sitting on JT’s desk. Only a few sentences were scrawled on the page, but as I read them I knew in my heart I would never forget him. Scrawled on that paper were JT’s last words and they were simply “I Think I’ll be okay, I have some of the greatest people ever known right beside me, and even Alyssa can’t change that.”


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