Florence Part 2 : New Generation

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*So..The Florence Ideas and Scene and Everything you can read about.


Some Basics before I say anything; Scarlett and Fabio will have 2 daughters and one son, Zac, Megan and Claudia. Mia and Daniel will have 3 sons; Tyler, Jason and Nickolas. Kate and Matt will have 3 daughters; Rose, Cassey and Katie.

So First of all ..the 3 of them already know each other of course but for months they haven't seen each other so that's why the first scene going to be a Dinner at Daniel and Mia's Villa, Most of them are pleased you know, I Made that Tyler loves Claudia since they were kids but Claudia take him as a Best Friend so both have a whole another story we're gonna talk about it later. Jason and Megan those crazy teens have secret relationship but no one knows that relationship has been here for 4 years and they're together so this couple another Crazy Story we're gonna talk about it later. Zac and Rose those butterflies, Zac Likes Rose but Rose hides it because she's a High Ego Confident girl who's not that easy, This Couple will Be AWESOME Because I Made a very cool dramatic story for them. About Kate and the whole Fabio Scarlett thing, Kate Loves Matt or she think she is, But deep in her core she still wants Fabio after all these years so Kate will have her gaze on Scarlett and Fabio All the time, Scarlett will be so Nice to her as they're good friends, Kate will be nice but a little indifferent, Fabio trust Scarlett in this Part two So Much his trust to he is Blind so He Never Expect Scarlett to do something bad or mean or rude because she changed so much, Kate will see once in another scene Scarlett and Fabio making out normally so she'll get Jealous and by time seeing them every where she'll start to Hate Scarlett very much but she'll do her best to keep her flames down, When Kate reach her Full Hate for Scarlett she'll want some plan to ruin their strong relationship but she can't do that Alone, she'll stay on this for while till the Foreigners comes. Okay so we'll leave this story for a while because I want to talk about the couples in the story; Let's start with

Tyler And Claudia;

Tyler is a very protective guy who is Also So Sweet and so Nice, Claudia sees him as A Cutie But he hates that, he wishes for something more, Claudia is a very bad girl, She's always hungry for cute boys, Alcohol, Sometimes Smoking, She is just like the Younger version of Scarlett but more worse, Claudia shows to people she has no feelings for any one and she's like so whatever for any thing, All she loves to do is to have a cute hot guy in her bed, because she's the youngest She's Daddy Little girl, Scarlett really worried about her but they don't know she does all of this, But Tyler knows everything about Claudia, She keeps her secrets with him only because she trust him so much and she knows he'll never let her down, Before the Foreigners comes Things will be so Alright between them but not too much, he usually protects her from any dangers, Tyler and Claudia will have so much fun together in this period of time till Tyler have a fight with his Dad about this girl Claudia and that He's a Great guy and he deserves better than her because Daniel his dad is scared if this girl will break his heart, Claudia's Reputation sucks so yeah, Tyler was actually sick and has a fever, He'll go to Fabio and Scarlett's House to stay there for one night, He'll call Claudia first, Claudia has a very vicious plan for him, She Wrote a song for Tyler and planning to wear a very sexy red dress on to seduce him while singing this song, She'll make him Paralyzed, When He comes over, he'll be very welcomed, Fabio will tell him to consider this house as his second home, Tyler will go straightly to Claudia's Zone or room, He won't find her there in her room, she'll enter behind him and close the door, she'll be wearing a coat hiding the sexy red dress, He'll turn around with a tiny grimace asking what's going on, She'll be seductive as shit, He's sick but she'll make his fever be higher, She'll keep moving dancing taking off her coat while singing the song she wrote, she won't talk she'll just sing, then she'll push him on the chair and she'll get very close and put her hands right and left on the chair's hands, She'll make him stand and be pushed to the wall, She'll keep touching him seducing him making him feeling high, but when she finish, He'll faint on the floor, He's sick and very in a bad mood so he won't take it, she'll wear the coat fast, in the same time Fabio and Scarlett will enter feeling someone just fall, Fabio will help Tyler waking up, Scarlett will look at Claudia suspicious and will ask what was going on, Claudia will lie saying she was passing by and he suddenly fainted, when every one is out the room except Claudia and Tyler , Tyler will look at the song lyrics on the bed, He'll Grin with a smile of Happiness, he'll pull her close to him, then they'll make out hard and will sleep together, Tyler will be so Glad that Claudia finally wants him in her life as a Boyfriend, There's More about their Story but Later.


Megan and Jason;

Their Secret Relationship is very strong and very colorful, They Usually be happy and like to mess around and have fun and to be in their own world, Every one sees them as Best Friends but they're way more than that, Megan is original girl who Loves to sing any time any where, Jason is a Crazy Fun to be around guy, He calls Megan his '' Princess '' All the time, Megan usually put her hair in a messy bun or pony tails or anything except leaving it breathe!, She sometimes wear glasses, Jason used to it and he loves her the way she is, they don't have much Drama till the Foreigners comes because when the foreigners comes they'll come as a Blowing Storm that will ruin everything literally, There's that scene where Jason will sneak in Megan's Room as usual every midnight to take her to have fun like Driving his car listening to music, Making out at the back Seat, Talk about how their days going and if there's any thing they need or afraid of or any problem, they tell each other every thing and all the Gossip, Well That Scene when he takes, When She comes back at 7 am in the morning, Her Dad Fabio will see her but He'll decide to talk to her later, Fabio will be surprised, Why she hides this?, Why she was wearing uncovered clothes?, he'll ask too many questions on his mind, Fabio here is a Very Nice Daddy that don't like to make his Kids be upset , He Makes them do whatever they want to do because he don't want to be a Boring Daddy, Unlike Scarlett who's doing her best to be a Good Mother by being too protective, but though she's still Fun and not too complicated, By the way Claudia Knows all the secrets of this house but she keeps her mouth shut but If she wants Revenge she spill the secret, That's Why Claudia is the Trouble Maker, Megan and Jason are so strong together but everything will change once the foreigners comes, And their story isn't finished yet.


Rose and Zac;

When we talk about this two people, it's Complicated but this Is a true love story that grows with time, Rose is a very Sophisticated girl, Zac is quite mysterious and doesn't get along with people easily, But He spent most of his time with Rose and His Dad Fabio, These two people He only be comfortable with, the rest? Oh he becomes very indifferent with them, Zac doesn't like to brag about anything, but if some one knows zac too well, You'll Find Zac is a very great guy who is mostly shy but very respectful, very sweet and Lovable. Rose is the kind of a girl you probably can Love her from the first sight or hate her from the first sight, Rose has the same problem, She doesn't get along with people that easy, but She has a High Ego and she's too confident in herself, She Likes to party but she's not a loud girl, she's not into drinking and being messed up in clubs, She's into the peaceful places as beaches, Lakes, Gardens and sun sit. Rose is very Nice once you really get to know her, Zac Actually starts to like her by time because he feels comfortable with her and both of them trust each other. In the beginning, they won't show up as couples, but they'll do have chemistry between each other, I Say this two loving birds are the heroes of this story; because they have that thing between them that pulls them to each other and you really feel the love they have, they're not like any body, and no body can love them easily, they seems complicated to people but they're not, they're just afraid of being judged and being hurt, They don't like the Drama, Most people don't understand them so that's why they're indifferent to people. Their Drama starts as the Foreigners comes. Like I Said the Foreigners will be as a Storm will blow every thing, Just before they come, Rose and Zac will surely be in love After the Foreigners. They're the only people that the whole foreigners thing will be positive to them.


Some More Information;


The Foreigners will come from three different countries from Europe. Swedan, Romania and England. They're not going to be many, just like three girls and three boys, They're Rich and every one known for his career at his hometown. Most Foreigners are not too nice and they're bragging about their money and beauty. About the Children of the Romanos, The Levines and the Bianches, They're going to be Very Rich and Famous, Once maybe Mia Romano or Scarlett or Fabio Or Daniel walks in the street People will notice them. This Club is a Musical one where a Love Scene has a Romantic song in the background or some one who sings when he see every thing falls apart in his Life. They're going to be Theme Songs, The Theme Song Is Fun and it's gonna make this club much cooler. Every person from the Children has his song that fits his personality and his life and his Drama, I Need every member to Imagine this Club as it's a TV Series You watch because it's very good and I'm in love with it. Also This is Part two and it's not the last part, because There's Going to be Part three and who knows maybe four too.


Katie [ Kate's and Matt's Daughter ]


This Girl is a kick ass girl who has true Hate for the Romano's Family, She Mostly hate Scarlett because she knows or thinks that Scarlett was a bitch and mean to Kate in the past, So Katie Won't stop talking, Katie is very close to her mom and always defend her from anything, Kate Always keep talking to Katie about those times, Weirdly. That Katie knows about The whole thing happened between her and Fabio and that Fabio Chose Scarlett, because Katie knows everything from the past, She'll Hate Fabio even more because he chose Scarlett not Kate, And Of Course she won't Love her Kids( Zac, Megan and Claudia ), Claudia who is the Strong one from the Romano's she'll Be the Enemy to Katie, Katie and Claudia will have so much fights between them, both of them close to their Moms and they're very headstrong too. The Fights will keep Going between Them till maybe something Happened that can change everything.





Nickolas and Casey;


Nickolas is a very hard guy to be with. He doesn't love any one and hurts people with his words, it's very Rare when he smiles. He never smiles, He always puts that grimace on his face, He's pretty quiet in front of people, He's not talk active, he's a Deep Thinker and Likes to be Alone. Some times Mia his Mom thinks he's Addicted to drugs or Heroine or smoking but he's not. Well he does Smokes and He's Addicted to it too. He may seem tough and very indifferent to people and people thinks he's a Monster but deep in his heart he's Depressed. He was always forgotten between his brothers since they were little, He Jealous of them because they've got people who love them and many. Casey the sweetheart, She's Very Cheerful and Lovable and quite Innocent, She doesn't like to hurt any one and she's always nice and good, Casey always notice Nickolas from the crowd how lonely he is, She often feels Sorry for him So She'll once go talk to him away from people Near a beach , Suddenly he'll respond to her and will feel comfortable by her presence, Casey will try to push him into talking and being more social with people. By time and By Often they'll talk. Nickolas will finally have some one to be Loved by. Casey and Nickolas will be close, Nickolas will only want to be with Casey, Nickolas when he loves, He Loves truly, They'll be so Cute together, Every one will know they're dating after a while.


Small Scene will happened between Scarlett & Fabio when they're together making out, Scarlett will feel something bad is coming, That bad thing; is the Foreigners Arrival.




The Foreigners Arrival

They'll Come with the Winter Arrival too, As they'll come, Jaws down. Every one will be shocked at how Perfect they are, They'll seem so Confidently Bitchy, The Children some of them will feel small and weak next to those Attention Seekers Like Casey, Rose, Tyler, Nickolas, Megan and Zac. The Foreigners and the Children will meet up at Beach Party at Night, The City where all live in is Florida, All Summer the Romano's, The Levine's and The Bianche's Had it all together but Winter is just right there, Huge Changes will happen by their Presence, We'll talk about it one by one;


Their Mentor Mason Fox who changed his name to Patrick Fox since he left Scarlett in the past when they were together in high school, The Mentor Patrick Fox will be a Good friend with Fabio Romano, They'll get along so well, By The Way Patrick remembers Scarlett so well and He Actually wants her back, But he didn't know he'll meet her in that Party, It's Like Destiny wants something to happen, Scarlett won't remember him at all, At that party Fabio will Introduce Scarlett to Patrick, Funny is... Scarlett will treat him like a stranger because she can't remember him, But he'll be So Surprised he actually found her after all these years, He'll keep things normal, Patrick has a tattoo behind his ear shaped like a Lock, Scarlett has a tattoo behind her ear shaped like A Key, When they were a couple in high school in the past both of them made this Tattoo for each other, They were crazy in love, Also They wrote a song together that only them knows about it and that song it's very hard to learn it, Only them knows about it, she forgot the song but he didn't. By More time she'll see him, She'll feel she saw him before. There's that Scene when Patrick comes over Fabio's House, After a While Fabio will leave to get something so Scarlett and Patrick will be Alone, Fabio trust Scarlett deeply much, They'll keep Silence for 15 minutes till Patrick will stand up and goes up on the Piano and play the song's Music, Once she hear the Music she'll Stare up at him wide eyed, she'll ask him how does he know this song and he'll replay saying something she didn't expect, She'll still be suspicious if he's Mason or not, She'll sit next to him at the Bench and play the Song together and sing it together, While they're playing it, They'll suddenly stop, Scarlett will stare at something behind his ear it's the Lock Tattoo, She'll touch her key tattoo behind her ear too, She'll Be Shocked like a Rock, She Made Sure 100% that this was Mason. She'll keep asking how this happened and why he changed his name, He'll tell her he wants her back, By The Way Mason left his Wife and divorced and he has a son called Nathan in the Foreigners, Any way. While the conversation getting hotter Fabio will come back, He won't notice any thing but at night when Fabio and Scarlett at their bed room, Fabio will notice the Key Tattoo for the First Time behind her ear, he'll be a little confused but he trust her so he can't imagine Scarlett can do something bad.


Next Day there will be a Party at a Night club, most people made fake ID so they can go in Like Claudia, The Foreigners are there so one of the Swedish girls will have her eyes on Jason, Megan's Boy Friend, On The other hand. Another Girl will have her eyes on Tyler, Claudia will be like a snake she'll notice the many hot guys around the place, It's her Weak Point, Mason's Son who is Nathan will see Claudia, Claudia will start to flirt and wink, Just to Mention Tyler and Claudia in this time were a Couple, for Claudia to flirt and wink in front of her Boy Friend that's Normal and Tyler Knows, Tyler knows how she Acts but when she go far he stops her, Katie will get along with the Foreigners so well, and Rose too, Casey and Nickolas will be like…Why we're here again?, they're going to be the only people who suppose to be together, Things will go crazy this Night, Megan will be so Jealous because she sees her Boy friend being Taken away from her so Megan will play fire with fire, As Megan sees that Swedish girl seducing Jason, Megan will put her Sexy dress on and let her hair flies in the wind and she'll Look hot, Jason will be Whaoh, he won't believe that this is Megan, The Swedish Girl is a Bitch and will insist to Take Jason away from this girl, Drama Drama Drama. Zac isn't the type to be Paralyzed by cute girls because he mostly Loves Rose, but Rose is the one who can't stop herself from staring at those hot guys from Europe.


When the Party Ends, Tyler will be Mad at Claudia, Jason and Megan will fight with each other, Same Night Katie is being mean to Claudia, Zac will be angry at Rose, You see?. Like I said the foreigners will be like a storm of flames that will blow any thing in their way.


Scarlett won't stop singing that song, Fabio will tell her who sings she'll replay she wrote it in the past, Scarlett will be like in between, She Truly Loves Fabio but with Mason's Appearance she'll be a little Hypnotized, She'll keep remembering all the times she had with him, Some day Mason will have the guts to touch Scarlett and will want her so bad but she seriously don't want him she'll say she's married with the man she loves and have kids and that Drama, Mason will go Out of his Mind and force her to be in abusive Relationship with him, Scarlett will be so Broken, She doesn't want Mason, She Loves Fabio. Hey There's a Jealousy in the air, It's Kate Garrn who can't stop thinking about Fabio and can't stop hating Scarlett, Kate will sneak into Fabio's Office and make a copy of the Letter that Alessandra kept for Fabio in the past about her Suicide, Kate wants to blow things between Scarlett and Fabio. Scarlett will ask Fabio where's Alessandra living, Fabio will be Puzzled and so Nervous about this, He'll Lie, He doesn't have any other choice but to Lie though he don't want to, Mia his sister knows about the Letter thing.


Too Bad, Kate will go to Scarlett warning her about Fabio that he lied to her , Scarlett won't believe it of course but Kate will show her Alessandra's Letter so Scarlett will burst into Tears and Anger, She couldn't believe that Fabio and Mia can hide this, Mia will keep Explaining everything to Scarlett but Scarlett will still be Mad. So Scarlett will hang out more with Mason telling him why she's upset, Mason will use this situation to be close to Scarlett, Kate will try to a little close to Fabio but it won't work so Kate will be furious and will think How she can get close to Fabio, She'll have a vicious idea that she'll collaborate with Mason as a team and they'll make a deal, The Deal is; Mason will help Kate to get close to Fabio while Kate will help Mason to get close to Scarlett, While Mason and Kate dealing, Fabio and Scarlett will be good with each other again and she'll understand but too bad that won't last forever.


Tyler will notice Claudia's change, She'll get more Worse than ever, Claudia will cheat on Tyler by being with Nathan that will seduce her hard and as we know Claudia is very weak to The Hot guy, Claudia one night will get drunk badly and she'll walk the streets alone at midnight so Bunch of dudes will want to Rape her but Tyler Will save her in the time that they're going to actually rape her!, He'll beat them all with Anger, Claudia will still be Drunk and so High, Tyler will be so Upset and will pick her up holding her in his Arms don't want her to walk. And Again Zac will know about what his Sister Did all this time so Zac will get so mad and will slap her, Tyler will calm him down and take Claudia with him home, Tyler all this time protecting Claudia from every thing and being in her side but He'll talk to her why she did this, Claudia will feel Guilty for the first time and will confess she cheated on him, Tyler will stare at her shocked and surprised, Tyler will turn into a Monster, He'll yell at her telling her how could she do this to him after all he did for her and after all the love he gave it to her, Jason and Nickolas will Find Tyler so Furious like a Monster they'll try to calm him down but he won't respond to them , Tyler will get out of the house feeling used and will drive his Car fast under the heavy rain.


Nathan actually cheated on Claudia too, She'll find him in bed with a girl, She'll say why you did this, He'll be mean to her by his harsh words, Claudia will feel Alone and Wretched, no one body on her side even her mom and her sister and her brother, The only person that Claudia will find is her Dad Fabio, Fabio in this part is so Nice and not Cruel at all, Fabio of course is sad at Claudia but he'll take his daughter into his Arms while she's sobbing crying and have no where to go.


While the Drama is going on, Jason will feel so damn guilty because he kissed that Swedish girl, Megan saw him kissing her, Megan will be Broken and very sad too, Jason will hate himself for what he did.


Fabio Will do a bad thing, A Scene where him and Kate alone kissing, Also Scarlett the same thing when she feel Alone and don't know what to do with her life any more she'll go to Mason, She won't want to make out with Mason but Mason will use his Charm and tell her that He won't let her down like the rest, so Kate's Plan will work out. Katie who is known for everything going on, She'll tell what happened all to Claudia, Zac and Megan to make them feel Worse about their Parents. Claudia won't be surprised about what Scarlett did, the three kids will go to Mia their Aunt and will stay there two nights, Fabio and Scarlett will know about what they did for each other, Fabio will have the guts to beat Scarlett for her Cheating, Scarlett will slap him because he cheated on her too, So Fabio will leave the house, in the same time that Fabio was beating Scarlett Their Kids will see this, They'll Be on their Mom's Side and Zac will yell at his dad, Fabio will slap him. Fabio will go to Mason and beat his ass, The Kids will take care about their mom so well, Mia made the kids put their brains in their heads and to get back to Home. Mia will have a small crush on Mason, We don't want to forget that Mia once was a Guys Seeker, Daniel will soon knows, Matt the man who I feel sorry for him all this time will make Kate live in Hell after what she did, He'll even think about Divorce.


It's going to be December 15, The only couple that don’t have Drama in this Part is Nickolas and Casey, Casey is like a Peace maker and Nickolas don't like the Drama.

After Fabio made Mason to learn his lesson, He'll do his best to fix things up, He'll be away from home for a while staying at his Sister's house Mia, Though Matt made Kate feel Guilty but when she knows from Katie that Scarlett's kids are back home and they're on their mom's side, She'll get upset, She's still didn't get what she wants, Kate will do a horrible thing, She'll put a poison in Scarlett's Food. Kate didn't notice the Poison's Kind, It's a very strong one where it makes you have a high fever, huge pain in stomach and back, shivers, illusions, nightmares and weakness. So Scarlett first will feel a little sick by time at night she'll be screaming out loud, Fabio will wake up puzzled and trying to calm her down but it won't work, so he'll make her go to Hospital , Poor Scarlett will be dying in pain, she won't stop screaming, Because Fabio didn't Apologize that he beat her once, He'll surely stay with her all time till she gets better, Her Kids will be so scared if their mom will die because Scarlett's condition said it's like she's dying. At The Same time Matt will have suddenly a Heart Attack and will be brought to Hospital, Kate will cry so hard for what she did. Mason was starting to like Kate though he still has a weird obsession for Scarlett, And Mia who has a crush on Mason, Mason will be devastated so Mia will be out to comfort him, Mason will actually cry because he starts to think that Scarlett going to die and will tell every thing he did to Mia, Mia will be indifferent to him but she still has a very strange attraction to him. As Every one's World is falling a part , Slowly with ease things will get better but not really, when Zac knows all of this was happening he'll be Addicted to Drugs and Alcohol, Rose will try to help him as she can.


No one knows what's going to happen after this Drama. Maybe on Florence Part 3

The Soundtracks that will be played in Part two;

The Club's Theme Song is '' We Are stars by the Pierces ''


Mason's and Scarlett's Secret Song is Also '' We are Stars by the pierces ''


Tyler's and Claudia's Song is '' Wicked Games by the Weekend ''


Rose's and Zac's Song is '' We Found Love '' by Rihanna


Megan's and Jason's song is '' you make me feel '' by Cobra Starship


Kate's and Fabio's song is '' Still Loving you by the Scorpions


Fabio's and Scarlett's Song is '' I want to spend my lifetime loving you '' by Marc Anthony


Nathan's and Claudia's song is '' Skinny Love '' by Birdy


Nickolas's and Casey's Song is '' Glad you came by the wanted ''


Claudia's song is '' Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy '' by Tata Young


Katie's song is '' Hard '' by Rihanna


Tyler's song is '' Cannonball '' by Rock Mafia


Daniel's and Mia's song is '' A Thousand years '' by Christina Perri


Nickolas's Song is '' Echo '' by Jason Walker

'' Valerie '' by The Weekend

'' Twenty Eight '' by the Weekend

'' I Love it '' by Icona Pop

Kate's Song '' Gravity '' by Sara Bareilles

'' Paint it Black '' by the Rolling Stones

'' The big bang '' by Rock Mafia

'' Scream '' by Usher

'' Pieces '' by RED

'' Dance Again '' by Jennifer Lopez

'' Broken Strings '' by James Morrison and Nelly Furtado

'' I Wanna go '' by Britney Spears

'' Survival '' by Muse

'' Resistance '' by Muse

'' What goes around.. Comes Around '' by Justin Timberlake

'' I Told you so '' by Karmin

'' Va Va Voom '' Nicki Minaj

'' Happy Together '' by the Turtles  

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