Girls At War (Lady Elizabeth's challenge) Part 2

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Miranda and Melody were best friends ever since Kindergarten. But what happens when they both like the same guy? Will their friendship survive or will they end up as enemies? Read to find out. This is for Lady Elizabeth\\'s Challenge. My words were- Smile (Action) Jalapenos(Thing) Arizona(Place)

Submitted: July 01, 2009

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Submitted: July 01, 2009



Hey this is part two! Read Part one before you read this! The link has been given above!

Melody’s Point Of View-

Great! Miranda forced me to come for the Karaoke night and she isn’t to be seen anywhere!

I could hear someone singing on the stage. Whoever the person was, was singing well since a huge crowd had gathered around the stage.

“Mel!” Shouted Miranda.

“What took you so long?” I asked her.

“I was talking to someone.” She said a little uncomfortably.


“A friend!”

“Anyone I know?”

“No! You don’t know him sorry her.”


“Leave it Mel! Let’s go sing!”

“You know I can’t! Why don’t you go? You have a beautiful voice!”

“You think so?”

“Yes now go!” I pushed her.

I saw her making her way towards the stage. She took the mike and began singing ‘Halo’ by Beyonce. It was beautiful! Her voice was melodious and beautified the song. I was lost in her voice when I felt someone tap my shoulder.

I turned around and saw Leah looking at me. A grin on her face…

“Hey what’s up?” I asked wondering why she was grinning like crazy.

“I heard about Miranda and Nick! You are such an awesome friend to give Nick to Miranda just like that!”

“Huh? What are you talking about?” I asked.

“You don’t know? Miranda and Nick are going out?”

“Did Miranda tell you this?”

“No! But everyone is! I mean Mia saw Miranda kissing Nick on the cheek!”

“No way! Miranda would never do something like that! We had a pact! None of us was going to go after Nick” I shouted.

“I hate to break it to you Mel but she already did!” she continued “Looks like she’s broken your pact. And the song she’s singing right now it’s for Nick!”

“You’re lying!”

“No! Don’t believe me if you don’t want to! Later then!” She said and left leaving me confused.

I looked at Miranda singing on the stage…she was blushing! Was it because of Nick?

I decided to ask her when she came.

The song ended. By the applause I could say that everyone liked it. I did too cause Miranda has a beautiful voice and also because Halo was my favorite song. But the fact that Miranda was singing that for Nick somehow bothered me!

“Hey! So how was it?” She asked

“It was good! But whom were you singing that for Miranda?”

“Guess?” she asked.

“Um…I don’t know!”

“Never Mind! So what else?”

“Um...Miranda is there something you have to tell me?”

“No why?”

“No just asking! Nothing at all?”

“No nothing at all…What’s wrong?”

“No nothing!”

We stayed quiet for sometime. This was weird! There were no awkward silences between me and Miranda. I looked at her she was smiling to herself.

I fumed! She was definitely hiding something! Does this mean she was going out with Nick? Even after forming the pact she was still going out with him! And she didn’t even bother to tell me! Traitor!!

I looked at the table and something caught my eye. On the table there was a tray which had sandwiches on them…I heard someone telling that they had Jalapenos in them and were really spicy! Suddenly I had a brilliant idea…ingenious!

I went over to the table and picked up the tray. I walked towards Miranda and offered her the sandwich and said “Hey! You got to try these sandwiches they sure are yummy!”

“Okay! If you say so!”

I watched as Miranda slowly took the sandwich from the plate and put it in her mouth. I watched her chew it slowly …suddenly her expression changed to disgust.

“Ah!!! My mouth’s on fire! There are Jalapenos in this!” she shouted.

Everyone in the room looked at her screaming. I watched laughing to myself as she rushed to the table to grab some punch. I followed her, she was sipping the punch.

She looked at me and said “There were Jalapenos in that! You know I can’t handle spice don’t you?” she said.

“I know! That was deliberant!” I replied.

“What!” she shouted. “Why did you do that?”

“Nick?” I said.

“What about him?” she asked.

I got frustrated. Why did she have to act so innocent when she was not!

“I’ll tell you why…” I lifted the punch bowl. Every one’s eyes were on us but I didn’t bother. I took the punch bowl and poured the entire punch on her head. I watched as she looked at me half surprised half confused. Every one around us was holding their breathe. I looked at her a take that expression on my face. She looked at me blank. She didn’t react for around a minute and then she screamed her high pitched scream! Did I ever tell you how high pitched her voice was?

“You!” she screamed. And she pounced on me slamming me to the ground. I screamed “Why did you do that?” she screamed.

“You broke the pact” I said. Trying to free my neck from her hands.


“Someone saw you kissing Nick!”

“I did not kiss Nick!” she shouted.

“You did!” I shouted back “Don’t lie! You know we shouldn’t break a pact!”

“I did not kiss Nick! Who told you that?”

“Someone saw you kissing his cheek!”

“I wasn’t kissing his cheek! He was asking me out and I was telling him that I couldn’t go!”

“Yeah and you kissed him then!”

“I didn’t kiss him! I was shouting in his ear because the music was too loud!” she said loosening her grip over my neck.

“So you didn’t kiss him at all?’ I said.

“Yes! I would never break our pact!”

She got up and pulled me up too.

“I’m so sorry!” I shouted hugging her. She was covered in punch but I didn’t mind I was too ashamed.

“Hey!” she said patting my back “It’s okay! Nothing to cry about! Nothing to cry about!” she said softly.

I hadn’t realized I was crying! I wiped away my tears and said “I’m so sorry! It’s all my fault I shouldn’t have believed people! I should’ve known that you would never betray me!”

“Hey! It’s okay!”

“But you’re all covered in punch!”

“I’ll go home and change. This wasn’t that fun anyway!”

“I’ll come with you!”

I hadn’t realized that everyone was looking at us. They all clapped. I looked at Miranda she had a surprised expression on her face!

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Lend me your ears!” someone shouted on the microphone.

I looked up.

“The management has decided to give away two tickets to Phoenix in Arizona to the best singer in today’s Karaoke.” Everyone shouted and whistled. I stood there waiting for them to hurry up.

“The winner gets to stay in the best hotel and also gets a cash prize of 10000 dollars!” Everyone clapped even harder.

“So do you want to know who the winner is?”

Everyone shouted.

“Miranda!” he shouted. I was shocked! I looked at Miranda her lower jaw dropped. She looked at the guy as if he were insane! I nudged her.

“Go!” I shouted.

“What the…”

“Just go!”

She walked onto the stage stunned and collected the huge check and the envelope. Every one applauded.

She walked down as stunned as before and said “Pinch me!”

I did! “Yikes! Not that hard” she shouted. We started laughing. I looked at her and said “I’m sorry!”

“Hey! That’s over now!”

“Guess whose going to Phoenix with me?” she asked.

I looked at her disbelief coloring my eyes.

“Yes! You!” she shouted!

And we began screaming at the top of our voices everyone was staring at us but we just didn’t care!

We were going to Arizona together and everything was just so perfect!

Authors Note-

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