Love takes reality by surprise!

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Top three reasons why I should not fall for him-

3. We are completely different! The only thing we have in common is our liking for marshmallows! =))

2.He doesn't like rock!

And the number one reason why I should not fall for him is...

1. He is my soon to be...Step Brother!!

It had to be him!

This is a for ShesAddictive's challenge!:)

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Love takes reality by surprise!

Submitted: July 09, 2009

Top three reasons why I should not fall for him-

1. We are completely different! The only thing we have in common is our liking for marsh mellows! =))

2.He doesn't like rock!

3. He is my soon to be...Step Brother!

Why did he have to be the one? (sigh) Read Chapter

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