My Love

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: December 06, 2016

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Submitted: December 06, 2016



2 weeks ago... (1/7/12)

I was in the park my friend, I was waiting for his message but, my phone never beemed. Diya, my friend said "Don't waste your time waiting for Riyan's message Hema, just give him a call". I wasn't sure if it could be a good idea to do or not. But then, I couldn't control thinking about him therefore, I did as what Diya said. 

42 missed calls. No answer. I cried. I was angry. 

Then I tried again assuming that he wouldn't pick up. But he did. The first he said instead of hello was "What the F*** do you want?". I was crying "why are you doing this to me, Riyan? what have I done?".  He hung up the phone, saying that not to call him again. 



Next day morning (2/7/12)

I was waiting for his message but that never happened.  I kept myself busy anyhow to move on but... still... 



Then, I had this social media called "Meet me" which is for those bos and girls who are very hungry for sex. But I wasn't hungry for that. But I felt very lonely. 



Morning.. I checked my meetme account on my phone. I had a message from a guy from India called "Chetan Jain". He was very cute in the profile. Seeing his timeline, I knew that he isn't a pervert. He left me a message "Hi". I replied to his text "Hi". Nothing happened till evening then. 

Evening.. I was in my bed thinking about Riyan and crying over him. Suddenly, I got a text from "Chetan Jain". 

Chetan: How are you?

Me: Iam not dead. Wbu?

Chetan: Why not dead?

Me: Because, my boyfriend isn't picking up my call. 

(I don't know what made me to trust him, I just don't know. I felt as if I knew him already)

Chetan: ohhhhhh, Maybe order pizza and make your self happy

Me: He isn't picking up my call 

Chetan: Who? Your boyfriend or Pizza hut?

Me: (Laughed) My boyfriend. 

Chetan: Why? What happened between you both?

Me: (I explained him everything about what happened between him and me) 

This guy, Chetan Jain adviced me alot and made me laugh. I just don't know this guy kept me happy and calmed. But he had to go to classes so he just left the chat and gone... 

I was here thinking about how Riyan treats me everyday. Let me write them down 

1.He just chats with me for only 10 mins a day eventhough we're long distance. (Another state)

2.He calls me a bitch everday.

3.He talks with other girls at the time when he doesn't chat with me. 

4.He never cares me

5.Always makes jokes about me and my activities.

6.He does everything to me that which a boyfriend shouldn't do to his girlfriend.


At night... I got a text from Chetan Jain..


Will continue 




© Copyright 2020 Chesha. All rights reserved.

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