Sakuya x Ryouta- Piano lessons

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Ryouta happens across the music room, but is he alone? DUN DUN DUNNNN
(im a serious writer I swear)

Submitted: July 02, 2015

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Submitted: July 02, 2015



~~ Ryouta rubbed his eyes as wearily looked around the empty classroom. "Oh god, I fell asleep?? That's Mr. Nanaki's thing, not mine!"
Ryouta thought, still half asleep. Ryouta was drowsier than usual today, however, he was abruptly pulled out of his sleepy state when he heard the shaky voice of his teacher.

"Good morning Kawara, have a nice rest?" Mr. Nanaki said jokingly as he walked over to Ryouta. The older man was usually very drowsy himself, but at the moment he seemed wide awake.

"O-oh, Mr. Nanaki! Im so sorry I didn't mean to- I mean..!" Ryouta continues to fumble but is soon cut off by the narcoleptic professor.

"Take it easy Kawara, its quite alright. Your mother called in and told me you've been having trouble sleeping lately, so I decided not to wake you." Mr. Nanaki said as he put his hand on Ryouta's shoulder reassuringly. Just by looking at him he could tell Ryouta was a bit startled by this. "The school is practically empty by now, but Mr. Iwamine is still here. Maybe you should pay him a visit." Mr. Nanaki quickly adds, concerned.

"Y-yea, ill do that" Ryouta remarks unsteadily, still a bit shaken to hear that his mother had called in. Why would she call the school? She should be resting, not worrying about him! He often over-stressed about his mothers health, this resulted in him losing quite a bit of sleep.

Mr. Nanaki watched the sickly boy turned the corner, going the complete opposite direction of the nurse's office. "Kawara! You're going the wrong wa-" But before the professor could finish, Ryouta was long gone. Damn that twig of a boy can run.

Ryouta eagerly trotted through the halls, not paying the best attention to where he was going. By the light shining through the numerous windows he could tell it wasn't that late, but that didn't really matter seeing as he soon realized he had absolutely no idea where he was. Ryouta looked around to get his bearings but he had found himself in an unknown wing of the school. He scanned several classrooms that where strewn about the halls, 270, 273, 275..."275? That's the music room right? Maybe Mr. Kazunii is still here, im saved!"Ryouta

This is not finished, im working on it

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