I've Got Her

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I have been relatively happy as of late, but it was one of those days were I was thinking way more than I needed too. Thinking is always accompanied by worrying for me so I sat down in one of my big classes, put my headphones on and wrote till the class got out.

Submitted: April 03, 2008

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Submitted: April 03, 2008



Casually walking the damp, dank air fills my chest.

One large breath brings sweet, melancholy relief,

From the pain I know I shouldn't have.

Yet, this imbalance brings no rest.

I reflect... you are all that I have, you are all that I need.

The wait that paralyzed me,

The sadness, the jealousy, the desire,

It plagued my trepid eyes and caused the twinkle to recede,

But just as you unknowingly brought me down,

You now lift me up and illuminate my dark world.

All the sadness I've come to know well,

Is now thin air, escaping between the gaps of my reforming frown.

I think...love is like a seed,

That can one day grow into the tallest of trees.

Well baby, we are the seed... and I have old tears,

And the rays of warmth from our hearts will be all we need.

I know our tree can grow...

It will grow higher than high,

And the mountains will get jealous,

And the clouds will look so low down below.

When it rains the cool water will glide off the trunk.

No amount of thunder will rock it,

No bolt of lightning is hot enough to spark it,

And we will be singing and living as if life had made us drunk.

So I have no reason to keep guessing...

I have all I've ever wanted,

And now I know dreams may fade at times,

But with belief, it is now you that I'm undressing.

So... this is true...

You and me...

You love me...

And I love you.

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