Short Story 1 - The Last Fight

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"But all that seemed rather insignificant with the lust and thrill to make a mangled bloody mess of my opponent surging through my body. I looked ahead to the bright lights glaring down at me as I walked into its fame and glamorous aura for the last time. The stage has been set for the biggest fight of my life."

Submitted: October 30, 2011

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Submitted: October 30, 2011





Chethan Daniel Joseph

Chapter 1

The neatly furnished freshly painted dressing rooms with a slight scent of a room freshener. My gloves were being strapped on to my hand, the worn out red ones which I always used for superstition purposes. A Bright red and green robe was waiting for me by the hanger. White bandages were being strapped around my wrists. A kind of thick gel was rubbed all over my arms and chest to keep it pain free for the initial few minutes.

“Joey its time...” Said Jack

Jack had been my trainer for 20 years now. I had taken good care of him. He was a man who deserved anything I gave him, for I have never seen such a man with so much dedication and hard work engineered into his flesh and blood. He focussed every ounce of energy he had into creating ‘The Perfect Boxer’. Jack had been voted one of the top trainers of the decade solely for the ideas he brought forward to improve the complete boxer, to make him the best amongst a whole lot of others. Some of his training techniques were being used as standards to measure against. I was proud to have Jack as one of my trainers. Jack Gillian was his name.

“Joe, you sure you want to do this? 10 years is a long time especially after retirement?” Said Jack again

I was 50. December 25th 2011 I turned 50, Also on that day was the exhibition match against Jim Bristol. Jim Bristol was the no.1 contender for the championship. He was a beast of a man who stood at 6 feet 5 inches and weighed a heavy 200 pounds. It wouldn’t be surprising if he was 200 pounds of muscle without even an ounce of fat. He had done away with 30 matches without being defeated and he was already being celebrated by media and the press, as the champion, 3 months before his championship match. Ah yes the perfect contender for my last fight. I was 50 with a failed marriage divorced after 10 years into the marriage. With Linda it was love at first sight. Who wouldn’t fall for a woman who was glorified for brining voluptuous back into fashion with a face of the angels, she blew me away with just one look. My 10 year marriage failed for 2 reasons, A woman like her cannot be contained and tamed for very long and the other if I had spent a lot more of my time with her rather than beating my opponents to a bloody pulp chances are I could have saved my marriage. Marie woods, the only person in the world who could rival the beauty of Linda was her, our daughter. Marie grew up to be amongst all that was holy and beautiful in this world. Alas! That even my own daughter was turned against me by her mother. At a bone brittling age all I had was a lot of money and a little bit of glory from back in the days of a glorified boxing career. That is why I needed this fight. The last fight of my life was to set things right.

“Jack you’ve always been by my side and you’ve always had my back....Do it once more for me” Said I.

“Of course kid... Of course” Said Jack

I saw him turn around and start walking forward when I put my arm on his shoulder from the back “Jack...” I saw him turn around with a rather puzzled look on his face “Yeah?”

“Thank you for being with me till the end” Said I

I saw him spread a small comforting smile on his face as if he read what my emotions were and nodded gently and walked out the door. I paced my way back to the mirror to look at myself one last time ‘This is it! You have to do this for everything that has been done to you’. I slowly shuttered by eyes and knelt down to recite the Lord’s Prayer. I recited one of my favourite verses from the bible and stood up and walked out the door.

I could hear the chants of the people, the ever sceptical voices of the commentators and the glossy fireworks as well. The red and green robe was wrapped about my body rather loosely with the green hood covering my head and casting a shadow on my features. It was finally time as my trainer, my manager, and their assistants all stood surrounding me. They suddenly made way so I can make my way to the front as we walked out into the stadium. Madison Square Garden! That was where it was going down. The biggest match of my life on the grandest stage of them all. As I stepped out from behind the curtains my audible senses were rather rudely awakened by the chants, the noise, the music, the fireworks and not to forget the commentators voices as they mangled together and speared through my ears. But all that seemed rather insignificant with the lust and thrill to make a mangled bloody mess of my opponent surging through my body. I looked ahead to the bright lights glaring down at me as I walked into its fame and glamorous aura for the last time. The stage has been set for the biggest fight of my life.

Chapter 2

For a boy of 10 years of age I was quite short and thin. The undying comments about how much skin and bones I was and how puny I looked but there was also the fantastic inhuman strength I had been known for considering my size and shape. As much as I got bullied by almost everyone I never seemed to fight back or even vent it out by cursing. I just never felt the need to. I could never understand anger or frustration or sadness for that matter. These feelings were rather always alien to me.

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and mom was upstairs cleaning. I was in the kitchen looking for something to eat. I noticed a cookie jar on the third shelf and pulled up a chair to reach for it. I had successfully managed to open the jar and was eating out of it when a glass plate had fallen to the floor behind me shattering to pieces. A furious hurry of footsteps warned me of the lousy mood which always seemed to prevail over my mother. She ran down screaming and yelling from the bedroom.

“You can never keep your hands to yourself and be still for some time. You always have to cause trouble for me.” Said my mom as she rushed into the kitchen only to go ballistic after looking at the shattered glass plate

“JOE!! You little brat...You can never do anything right...Always causing trouble for me... I wish I had never had you ...You with your troublesome attitude and you’re.....Ugh... I wish I had taken the decision to not have you when I had the insolent pest” said my mother.

She was holding my right arm with an angry painful grip. I was scared and disappointed at making mother angry even if it was not my fault at all but I decided to remain quiet and not infuriate her even more.

“You are just like your dad... That fool was no good for anything and you take right after him...Ruining my life ...” She said in a frustrating tone.

Just then a cat jumped out the window pushing a glass to the ground which thankfully did not break. My mom turned around just in time to look at the cat. She let my arm go with a small push refusing to face me and started picking up the broken shards.

“If you remain quiet like that all your life...You are not going to get anywhere...You might end up sacrificing even the love of your life” Said she in a soft yet angry voice.

15 years later...

“Joey, does it feel to be the youngest champion ever” Asked one of the reporters. There were many more questions flooding in by the reporters standing all around me. All their questions about how it was to be champion. Frankly I wouldn’t know till I got home... I gave the reporters my usual, Nothing. I managed to bull past them and get into a taxi which had been arranged to take me home. I had finally done something worthy in my life that mother could appreciate. Yes I am sure this will make her proud of me.

“You idiot...All you’ve proved to me is that you’re as much a moron as your father. He was a ruffian a gangster and nothing more and look what you’ve turned into...the exact same thing” Said she as she threw the most disgusting look at me

Overall my mom was right I had not much education hardly getting through high school and boxing was a barbaric sport which I found myself good at. It was all I knew and it was all I had. I really thought my mom would be proud of me but...

5 years later

“Joey, Joey, You’ve done it again...and again actually...You’ve retained the champion for the 3rd time consecutively. It’s a hat-trick a feat that has never been achieved...What do you have to say for this” Were the type of questions coming in from all the reporters as they swarmed all around me and literally bullying me for an answer but with nothing to say I got into my brand new Mercedes to get back home to tell my wife the great news.

The car had pulled up near my million dollar apartment. I held the title over my shoulder and went up the elevator getting congratulated a couple of times on the way to the 11th floor. I had my own key as I walked into my apartment I set my kit down by the door and walked to my bedroom to surprise her. As I opened the door I saw her seated naked on a man with moans of pleasure fading out as she looked over her shoulder agitated to my surprising entrance. She covered herself as if I was a stranger. John my best friend was the man who had stolen my wife’s affection. They both looked at me with questioningly guilty glances. I realized what I had just walked into and with a small smile on my face I walked out closing the door behind me and still holding my title across my left shoulder. It was obviously my fault that she had resorted to this, I should have spent more time with her to make things right. I was seated in the balcony looking at the city spread out under me with the small miniscule lights dotted across it. She walked in 15 minutes later

“Listen Joe... I never meant for you to know like this...But you weren’t good enough for me especially with the amount of time you spent on me.” Said she in a guilty tone mixed with scared.

I turned to look at her, her face was small, sad and angelic I nodded my head and turned back to look at the city.

“That is your problem never open your mouth that is why I am leaving you” with a few more castrating curses, the love of my life divorced me in a week’s time.

Chapter 3

The crowd was going wild as the bell for the 10th round has just rung. Blinding Flashes of light all around, Thank god I wasn’t epileptic. I just got up from kneeling down in the corner for a small prayer. I stood up and turned around bouncing on my feet. My whole body felt light and heavy at the same time. My nose had been broken 2 times and set right in the last 3 rounds. The blood from my left eyebrow poured rapidly over my eye, Clotting seemed to be a problem at 50 I guess. With a small smile I bounced my way to the middle of the ring. Bristol seemed to be maddening with rage that he could not put down a 50 year old man. Oh yes I saw his eyes bulge out with rage and his venomous taunts wanting me to make a false move. I was in the best form ever and I knew what my chances were.

“Come on Beefcake. I am going to teach your some manners that you’re mom never taught you” Said I.

I saw he fell for taunts more easily than me as he rushed like a raging bull towards me, His left arm moved like a train to the right side of my face as I bent down just In time his arm brushing the tip of my hair. With a small smirk, which hurt, I drove my right hand right into his ribs, really hard, I saw him spurt out blood, but I dint stop there, I lifted my left hand towards my face for defence as my right hand started pounding into his ribs in rapid succession as fast as the piston of a sports car. Oh yes! I drove it so hard my knuckles, through my gloves, could feel the hard ribs inside his chest receiving them with the punishment I indented to deliver. I had driven him into the corner pounding into the ribs waiting for them to crack.

“Oh yes! You see that beefcake that is how I beat my Bi...” I yelled but unable to complete the sentence my left hand went numb and a shot of pain paralysed my left arm, I saw it fall to my left side with no control over it. My chest felt heavy and my entire left side kept me paralysed from the agonizing sharp pain and feeling nothing but powerlessness my body had shut down. My right hand had stopped delivering the punishment as I looked up at beefcake smile a devilish smile down on me about to pass judgement for the sins I had committed against him just now. I nodded and smiled at him whispering to myself “Here it goes”.

“OMG lighting Joey seems to have stopped fighting....what happened to him, oh my god did you see that punishing punch? A 50 year old man 10 years after retirement came back to the boxing arena with a nasty punch but something seems to have happened and all we can see is a massacre.” Yelled the commentators into the mike

Thunder! His punches rattled through to me like thunder. A left handed punch connected with the right side of my jaw and before my mind could grasp the pain his right hand connected to the left side of my jaw, All the time my left arm being completely paralysed and unable to lift it to defend myself. Without my left handed defence my right hand seemed to be useless. I felt the punches hit me consecutively over and over again. I feel myself being bullied into the corner

A thunderous right punch to my ribs “You will never amount to anything JOE!”

A thunderous left punch to my ribs “Look at you becoming a barbarian like your dad”

“I am leaving you Joe....” A jaw cracking punch on the left side

“This is why your friend is always better for me” A jaw cracking punch on the right side

“I love you Linda”

“I stopped loving you Joe...”

“Joe Marie is getting married and she doesn’t want you there” His fist drilled into my stomach as a few drops of blood spurted out of my mouth

“Brian is walking her down the aisle so please don’t come and make a big issue”

“At no cost is Mr. JOE supposed to have any kind of excitement let alone a match because his heart has become really weak and he might suffer a more massive attack than tonight”

Images of my vulnerability flashed through my head. The people in my life Linda, Mom, dad, Marie, My best friend it was a lonely world from the beginning and now I feel why people feel frustration and sadness. I know it now. The hard punches which had cornered me were being delivered with divine punishment.

The pain in my body seemed to be but minuscule compared to the strangling pain in my heart. I could hear a distant cry from my coach, screaming to me, ready to throw in the towel. Slowly my body hit the floor hard as I bounced of it a little I could feel the darkness engulfing my vision.

“Mother, look I won the world champion”

“Mother I did not break the glass jar... I did not “

“Linda I love you very much”

“Linda how could you do this to me, I love you “

“Linda she is my daughter and I will walk her down the aisle”

My eyes felt heavy, my vision blurred as every ache in my body phased out. My energy faded away along with my consciousness as my body was drenched in the silence of the stadium.


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