Environmental conservation

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Our earth is trapped in the claws of the deadly ghost- urbanisation and industrialisation. we have to come forward to cope with this otherwise the day is not far when humans will become a history.

Submitted: February 22, 2012

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Submitted: February 22, 2012



"The world has drowned into seas and no trace of the race called humans!" I jumped and opened my eyes and felt relieved, sitting on my bed, I was at my home. Humans were still present on this blue ball. But is it just a dream or a horrible future?

Due to reckless activities of man, our environment is facing various drastic problems that have put a question mark on the existence of life. Global warming, climate changes, extreme weathers are some of these changes.

The reason behind this monster problem is deforestration. Due to urbanisation and industrialisation, people are clearing away the forests. Trees, being the absorbant of carbon dioxide, their cutting has added clouds of carbon dioxide to the air. Emission from vehicles, factories also add to the temperature of the air.

There is a dire need to make our earth free from the claws of this deadly ghost. We, the humans should realise our individual responsibility to conserve our environment. As we humans have the tendency not to follow the rules, we never care to use the resources properly. We should not waste the non renewable resources. We should start using energy- efficient vehicles. Factories should install the waste treatment plantsof their own in the factories.

It is high time if each one of us makes it a hobby to plant trees. Let us go back to the green paradises where happiness and safe future await us.

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