Mums are the Greatest

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The Importance of a mother

Submitted: November 14, 2008

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Submitted: November 14, 2008



When god created mother he created a blessing in disguise
For out of all his creations she being the most beautiful and wise.
A mothers fragrance and beauty is like a flower
Her speech and reasoning has the greatest power
Mother’s eyes have the twinkle of the stars at night
She is the Luxmi that brings in the light
Mum always teaches us right from wrong 
She provide us this energy and knowledge to stay on this pathway that is so long
She is the trinity all in one
A joyful and pleasant person with lots of fun
Mother is definitely the best cook
For she can cook up a recipe you won’t match with any book
When you need someone to talk to and get advise
Mums have the answers by just looking into your eyes
Mums are the greatest gift from the lord
In this world a mother is your first God
So I fall down on my knees at my mother’s feet to get her blessing
To take what she’s taught me and face life’s stringent testing.
I know if I follow what she has taught me
I’ll be up for the challenges of this world – empowered and free
By Terance Singaram Chetty
Dedicated to my Mother
In Loving Memory Of My Mother And Father

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