Just a tease.

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And it still holds true.. Also, I did not move on. I'm the hugest cock-tease ever still.

Submitted: July 24, 2010

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Submitted: July 24, 2010



I know you love me
But I'm way too tired for this
I can't keep up this facade
My masquerade
To keep you and your friends
Keeping after me
Goodnight my fans

And now I am free
I can shed these sexy jeans
Cause you don't need me
I'm just a tease

I was standing right there
I was ready to party
But you were looking
For something serious
Can't give you that

I saw you staring down
And I knew I had won
But can't you see
You never could have had me
I was looking for a party
I guess I'm sorry

Turning heads was what I aimed for
(Turning heads is what I aim for)
But I've found something better
Just for me
Sorry bout your self-esteem!
I'm just a tease.

And baby
I know you felt lucky
You could talk to me
You and your obvious flirting

And I'm just
Too tired for this
I'm moving on
Goodnight my fans.


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