Mortality (lyric)

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Lyrics about being tired of living a lie.

Submitted: July 13, 2009

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Submitted: July 13, 2009






Every weak laugh I make

With the smiles I fake

Just won't hide the ache

That I feel

Every breath that I take

All the nights I'm awake

Still the heart you break

Just won't heal


I'm constantly lying

And always I'm crying

My poor soul is writhing

And frail

But still I'm denying

The feeling of dying

The more that I'm trying

I fail


I close my eyes and drift away

To take the pain of yesterday

And bury it along with me

The feeling of mortality


All the tears that will fall

With every time you call

Make me feel so small

And alone

I used to feel so tall

But now you make me crawl

And have shattered all

That I've known


This path that I'm cruising

And life that I'm losing

Won't stop me from choosing

My fate

My soul that you're using

And my skin that's bruising

Have all left me oozing

With hate


Repeat chorus

Please don't wake me

I'm not sleeping

Please don't wake me

I'm not sleeping


Repeat chorus


The feeling of mortality...


The feeling of mortality...

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