Burden of Thoughts

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symptoms of depression and the burden of the thoughts

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011



I’m feeling undeniably crazy and yet positively lazy

My mind is extremely mixed up and hazy


My sense of humour is still a bit cheeky and maybe a little sneaky

 Although I’m looking withdrawn, pale and peaky


I’m so weak and frightened that my fears have become intensely heightened  

But for some reason I’m strangely enlightened


My fear is so uncontrollably clear

 Addictive personality now craving and drinking too much beer


This guilt and hurtful loss of control grips and twists my fateful soul

This burden is starting to take its toll


 Self hate is my never ending fate

Leaving me in a messed up surreal state


My violent and manic rage is trapped in a rusty animal cage

Like a favourite book with a thoughtless ripped out page


Loneliness turns me to thoughts of crime

But I must see sense and tow the line or I’ll be doing long and lonely prison time


My deep dark destructive depression, Is an addictive unwanted obsession

 Leading me astray to learn another painful lesson


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