Ten Year Grudge

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true story poem of my 10 year grudge

Submitted: December 10, 2011

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Submitted: December 10, 2011



Ten Years on and my grudge has now gone

You betrayed my trust and became an enemy


One thing I despise is arrogance and cockiness

You crossed the line, you were just too sure of yourself


I found you out just in time, playing me and playing my family

Causing extreme anger and tears


My boiling rage meant I couldn’t turn the page

You broke the privilege of being my friend


When you moved away I still prayed for the day

For my chance to even the score or win my war


As years have past you become less important

Other troubles had come and gone


It seems a waste of energy to right your wrong

Ten years on and we speak again


 Your apology accepted and not rejected

I still doubt the sincerity and honesty


On the inside I have a flicker of rage

But after so long it stays in its cage


Although never fully forgiven and the flame still burns

I continue to move on and live and learn




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