The End Parts I - III

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Written by me and my good friend who is the inspiration for this trilogy of poems of a time of heartbreak and recovery

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011



The End

Part I


You were my perfect angel, my star, my everything

Then one day you cut through it with your blade of ice

As cold as your heart had become

An unsympathetic figure to human nature


Communication was meaningless and distant

Physical relations were no more

Inside I knew the final outcome

But my false defences of denial masked the realisation of our fate


You had grown apart from me and betrayal was your means of escape

You had driven me to be a stranger in my own body

Someone I didn’t know anymore

The day of your departure came as a release,

 A weight lifted, my new found freedom


The End

Part II The Suffering


Since you left me there has been crazy days and mixed up ways

Behaviour patterns of revenge I have started to deal to you

Although these were not felt or known by you


Realisation soon begins to strike, the darkness of loneliness

Overwhelming anxieties and deep sadness are now my world

A failure I feel I have become


The long dark times of self loathing and more vengeful feelings

And thoughts of punishment spin rapidly through my brain


Losing the will to carry on, losing my dignity as my body and mind become unclean

I have hit the bottom of this cess pool


 How do I escape?



The End

Part III The Recovery


I have felt and I have suffered

The grieving feelings from a relationship lost


The moments and betraying thoughts that this will never end

Then small rays of hope appear and new life begins to bud

Oh so slowly I begin to rebuild and thoughts of you are now less common


Years have now past and you have moved forwards

But that doesn’t mean that I’ve moved backwards


The chains of sadness I had trapped myself inside have now been released

And now I’m free to live a life and become the real me.



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