The Man in the Background

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my take on paranoia when i have been alone in crowded places such as pub/club

Submitted: October 17, 2011

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Submitted: October 17, 2011



The man in the backgrounds paranoia soon begins to grow

Multicoloured and standing out in a black and white world

Yet still feeling invisible and ignored

He see’s threatening eyes are all on him

Leaving him tortured by the unreal stares


The man in the background reads the minds of the masses

Predictive thinking at its worst

Believing this whirlwind of hate and aggression

A poison in the air


The man in the background see’s everyone’s  move before its made

His line of defence programmed and ready for any confrontation

He must now show no fear to those that whisper and stare


The man in the background seeks a reassuring smile from anywhere around

As contradiction now starts to multiply


Glimmers of afterthoughts that this is partially paranoia and insecurity

Are soon knocked out by one persons overbearing tone


So now the planning begins again

A vicious circle needing to be broken

For this main attraction feeling to finally end


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