The Underwater World

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It's a stupid story but just read it :P

Submitted: July 24, 2012

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Submitted: July 24, 2012



The Underwater world: Atlantica

  In a world called Atlantica, there was a mermaid named Elaine. One day, the evil witch, Evila came. She was jealous of Elaine’s beauty. She wanted to use her Uglyfier machine to change her to an ugly mermaid.

  Next day, as Elaine was reading a storybook, Evila blindfolded her and brought her to her secret hideout, which is in a mouth of a dead shark. Elaine’s pet, Cupcake saw what happened; quickly go to the castle to tell the king which was Elaine’s father. The king sends all his strong soldiers to search for his daughter. Suddenly, one of the soldiers found Elaine’s hairclip on the seabed. This soldier tells the other soldiers what he had found. Then, they saw tail marks on the seabed. They follow it and found a dead shark with its mouth open. Elaine shouted for help. The soldiers ran in and took out their swords and fight with Evila. 

  In the fight, one soldier put up with a brave act and pierces his sword through the witch heart. Evila immediately died. The soldiers quickly untie Elaine and took her to the castle. The king was very happy of her return. He brought a prince named Edward to Elaine. Edward was Elaine’s best friend when they were young. Suddenly, Edward knelt down on the floor, pulled out a ring and said, “Will you marry me?” Elaine said yes and they got married the next day. 

And they lived happily ever after!


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