A Hero

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My brother's always been there for me in life . I look up to him for all he does , and he's the inspiration for this poem...I actually had to write this as an English assignment . We were supposed to write an epic (after reading such poems like The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere and Beowulf , or Kasey at the Bat...Ah ! And I vaguely remember this happening...But for some reason he doesn't remember at all . Weird , eh ?
And in line 9 , I mean to say that my brother was taller than the kid , the bully that he later got rid of...

Submitted: June 13, 2008

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Submitted: June 13, 2008



Listen my peers and you shall hear , of the dday a hero saved my rear .

Down the street and at the park , 2nd grade had seemed so dark .

Visiting my Aunt , I was , The memory is slight a fuzz

When an older boy came up to me , and demanded I give my money .

I thought a bit,  and then I pout , for the 20 bucks he fussed about .

Then my brother comes and saves my rear-that is the tale I want you to hear .

He was older than eleven , saved my hide when I was seven

When a bully tries to steal my money , big brother doesn't think it's funny .

He was taller than that kid,  That bully brother than got rid ,

So proud of him , I've always been ,

My big brother named Earvin .

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