Another Sigh

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I guess this is part two of 'sighs to beloved' . I'm honestly just getting this out of my head by writing it on here...

Submitted: June 14, 2008

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Submitted: June 14, 2008



'I try to hide but I can't , I really try to die somewhere... You are the pain in my throat , you'll never give me a choke , everyone round me saying 'Stop don't do it...'"

First , Oh Danny boy was stuck in my head , and now this song...I think I'll sing Danny Boy at a talent show one of these days... My sister's actually surprised I could get the high notes in the  'But come ye back when summer's in the meadow.....Tis' I'll be here'  verse of the song . It still makes me cry just a bit when I hear the song...So saaaeaaad !!

Ah , and on to more pathetic meee.... I can make a mess like nobodies business ! And nobody even reads these things , so HA !!!!

Every morning , I awoke early to get dressed for school ,. thoughts saying over and over 'This is the day I confess my love to you , and once I'm rejected I'll be over you !!'  But in 1st period , with my foot tapping anxiously on the ground, I realize later why I like him in the first place . And once that happens , I'm depressed for a bit next class , where I get to see him . But It's scary because everytime you try to give up hope on someone , they come through for you , and  it's like you've fallen in love all over again.. I hope married folks are like that - especially for men in the army , their wives at home imagining their love sitting with them at dinner , or holding them close... Nobody really knows I'm such a softy at heart , maybe it's because I'm always being perverted , yelling randomly , and smiling.. Once , I was called 'A happy person' by this random dude watching me do the foot thing . You know , that thing where you stand perfectly on your tippy toes while wearing normal shoes ? Like Vans ? It looks almost like En pointe , except that your feet don't bend at an angle...I din't even know why it's so amazing , but he said 'You get taller in like 3 seconds ' because tippy toeing it makes me 4 or so inches taller ~ Helpful in large crowds ~~~ Except for behind that 5'8" tall guy.. He's pretty ! Yeah, he's the same person that RAWWWRRR (i think that's how it's spelled...) mentions in her story . Can't remember the name...Oh , and he also said I have strong leg muscles for my height . Which makes me wonder what in God's name people are staring at when I'm talking to them..wearing a pleated skirt .

Now if you'll excuse me , I'm going to go play Abe's Oddysey on the PS2 that refuses to play the 1997 disc...And I'm actually impressed with the cut scene graphics ! If you thing Devil may cry is epic ,  you gotta play this game , because it scares the Hell out of me by the way you can die ! !! I mean , there's these huuuuge monster thingies , called Scrabs , that kill eachother when together , and once one is dead , the other starts chasing you around !!! You gotta help your worker friends , who'll be turned into meat pies if you don't save them , but  DAAANG !!!! IT's too haaard  !!! I missed 11 people , and accidentally killed one when I posessed a monster ! And it better not freeze on me like yesterday , because it only works on occasion...  Bye now ,  before the bombs in the opening scare the hell outta me ~ That , and my butter toast is getting cold...

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