C. Junemaire

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Ah , never thought I'd change , if it weren't for that kiddo , little Miya . Now lemme go in depth here , so shut up an' listen . I cuss a lot , so brace yer self . (Experimenting with accents and moods ...)

Submitted: April 10, 2008

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Submitted: April 10, 2008



~~~Skip it!! Skip it!!~~~

Chris Junemaire (Kriss Joo-nih-my-er)

Age : 22

Occupation : ' legendary ' and ' world renowned gunner ' .

Misc : Specializes in weaponry , ranging to rifles and pistols to swords and halberds . Prefers to use Handguns
and Cestus , though is always too lazy to even pull out a weapon .

Despite his laid - back appearance , he can be relied on when he wishes to be .

Other than that , he looks laid back , but is actually a huge pain in the -- neck . He acts as though he's royalty at times .

NEVER call him a pervert . Also tends to a private garden , he , his 'daughter ' , and Hazaru are the only ones who know of this . And me , Zeon , by the way . He sure as Hell is a 'lady's man ' in his opinion . Truth is , these days he can't even tell the difference between a male and a female . Unless he notices a certain ' detail ' in the person's shirt . Or even pants , possibly .

Adoptive father of Miya Junemaire , 12 years old .Found one year ago .(they're only10 years apart . How can you call a person like that your kid ?! More like sister ,if you ask me ! )
~~Skip it!! Skip it!!~~
Location : Guelm forest

That's my resume for ya , kiddo . Impressive ? Like Hell .Useful ? Damned straight . That's me for ya . Only thing it don't mention is my adoration for my little darlin' Miya .I live for my Miya , provide for my Miya , adore my Miya .. .

Enough of that . I ain't no softy . No way in Hell , kiddo. So I'm here in the forest minding my own damned businesswhen some birdie overhead decides it's hilarious to crap onmy hat .

And if you don't know what a hat is , you gotta get outmore often . Quit livin' under that rock . Only Plummy canuse that as an excuse , cause' it was literal .

Now shut the Hell up so I can take my siesta .

Got Damn .

Kiddo , you needa get a life . I'm here to take a nappy ,if ya don't know whatever a siesta is , so quit yourbitchin ' . That's right , walk away .

No . Don't walk away , you little turd . I've seen a blindan' deaf mushroom with better courtesy thn' you . That'sright , get your turdy - face back over here . Now sit yadown , sit , I said , sit .Good Doggie !

And don't ya dare go near my Miya , she's at home at H.Qunder Tianna and Rhianna's wing . Shut up an' listen to mystory , turd . I thought so .

So, lemme tell ya bout' how I met the love of my life , mysweet , sweet Miya .

No , I ain't no pedophile , that's Zeon , with that lil'Plummy trailin ' close behind ( I say that even if they'rethe same age ) . She adores him . He adores her . I adoreMiya . My daughter . An' hopefully she sees me like theright kind of loving Papa .

Shut up .

Well , Miya was a cute lil' kiddie when I found her .Huddled up in the middle of nowhere . In this forest , inthe tree I'm leanin' against as I speak . Inside of thetree , it has a lil' hollow in its side .Lil' cutie was shiverin' worse thn' any leaf I ever seen .I've seen a girly nude in a cold room shiverin' much less thn' that .No , I wasn't starin ' , it was Plummy , an' she's Zeon's ,so don't go there , ya turd .Ha ! Ya shoulda seen how she trembled at the sound of thelightnin ' an ' thunder , what the Hell the difference was.The lil' kiddo was wheezin' like mad , thn ' she startscryin' her cute green eyes out . They were just like mine ,damned straight .

She been in that hollow old tree with nothin' but an oldwashed up , torn up sleepin' bag to keep her from diyin ' .Thn' Hazaru starts bitchin' bout' how hungry she lookedthn' offered a bit of bread to her . It was rainin' cats an' dogs ,dammit ,an'Hazzey over here's out offerin' all he gots to a lil' kiddo ! Waste of food , eh , kiddo ?Then I snatch the bread an' the kiddo under the tree juststarts clingin' onto my leg . Ha ! You shoulda seen thatlook in her eyes ! It begged !

Begged for me to help her out in someway , I don't even know how I could see it ! She tugged at my pants , at thevery very bottom of my pants , and then she looked up at me, with this face , that was such a face with this look inher eyes that made me wanna come cryin' to my Mama in lessthn' a sec. or so .And I didn't give a damn! No , I didn't ! So why I took herin ?

I'm gettin' there , quit yer' bitchin'!

So Hazzey's all , " Hey , Christina , I think we gotta helpher ! She looks like she's about to pass out or something !She looks so helpless and cute . . ."Then I throw my handgun at his head , cause I ain't gonnawaste no bullet on him , thn' I go on sayin ' , " Don'thave pity , it'll make ya'll weak . That ain't gonna do yano good , neither . "

Then Hazzey keeps bitchin' bout how I should have moremercy on the women , be a gentleman and all that B.S . If I were though , I wouldn't be a reknowned lady's man , eh ? No mercy , if ya catch my drift ! Ha ! Ha ! For more reasons than one ! Ha ! Ha !So I look down at this child and say , " Pitiful , then . ", and she hugs my leg without hesitatin' . I felt awkward-- hey , don't go laughin' now , this Got-Damned epicbattles only just begun ! Like Hell , Kiddo !

An' that's when the rain only gets harder , thn' I think to myself , ' Chris , you ain't gonna be no jerk no more , youswore that a bit after the marriage , thn' a bit after themurder . But I ain't the murderer , no siree . It was themdemons . An' those Bastards are long - gone . So then ,Imma do the right thing for once in a long while . ' .

And you know what I did ? I held the cryin' kid's chin inmy hand , looked into her green green eyes , an' said witha straight poker - face , " Kiddo , you better sure as Hellquit your cryin' . It ain't as bad as you think . Your family's maybe gone , but hey , in place of them , now you got me . I'll be your Papa from this day on . I swear on my grave . "Hazzey gave me this look , and mumbled something dumb ,like , " Pedophile , Where'd the accent go in that littlespeech of his ...? "But , oh , I don't care bout' that .Ah , that Feeling that Rushed through me when she Stared upat me with that Smile of hers . Her Green eyes shined . . .An' I couldn't help but smile back . She was my daughternow , an' I had to take good good care of her . She took my hand , and din't explain her story until after a few weeks. She wouldn't talk until then . And it turns out herfamily was killed in front of her by her Mama . That ain'tthe right way to treat a kid ! Luckily , little Miya wassmart and scrammed her scrawny butt right outta that placeAn' she's real quiet cause she feels guilty for notcallin' on the Mist knights or nothin ' .And fate had it me and Hazzey were on a mission to get toZeon and Rhianna in an attempt to figure out ' suspicious
disappearance of small child ' .After she opened up to me (Miya), I decided to startspoilin' her . I love that kid , she's so sweet . I got hera fur coat an' a great big beautiful frilly dress . Shepicked it out , I paid for it in full .

... In more ways than one . Ha ! Ha !

Thn' now she talks in some sorta cryptic language . Sheonly talks clear to me an' Hazzey . I rember' first thingshe said to me . . . She tugged at my sleeve as I wasleavin' the room , looked up at me , an' said ," Papa . My Papa . . . " To others she speaks as though she has Broca's Aphasia or somethin' like that .She's my daughter , an' nothin's gonna make me hate her .No matter how many holes she burns in my wallet , I don'tcare . An' don't go callin' me no softy , cause I ain't asofty , so shut up an' listen . My life's changed since I took care of Miya .

And I have someone to live for these days . . .

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