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I think I snapped when I saw her nude in that freezing room . Held captive for 12 years , now 21 , now freed by we , the Mist Knights (3rd Division) . I'm the 3rd captain of the Mist Knights . And I just got another member to our already - too - huge team . These Bloody Snow related stories are always including some sort of ' interview ' formatting , so bear with it . Skipt that part if you like . . .

Submitted: April 17, 2008

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Submitted: April 17, 2008



***************skipping profile skipping profile***************

State thy name : Zeon . Just . Zeon .

Gender : Male , but I've been hit on by a few guys before . Maybe it's my face . Or my light brown hair . Or my deep blue eyes . A team mate of mine ( the ' Kidnapper ' ) actually tried to get with me . No , he's not bi .

Maybe .

How old are you : 21 . I'm still young , but eh , not old enough to drink yet . Unless I do it in secret . I'm really good at holding my liquor . A few glasses of Tequila doesn't do very much to me . It only burns my throat like Hell . I plan on proposing to a certain Plum face girl one of these days . Soon .

Misc : Don't even start , you thing . We're investigating ' mysterious disappearance of female child ' . The file's been torn up , put back together by Gregory (Tomato Head) , and now we're investigating it . We didn't get any leads until a few years ago , but since we couldn't even find the place , the entire progress until now took 12 years . I've been investigating this since I was put into my current rank , which was last year. Moving on . . .

About YOU :I'm 5'9" , and well , I look girly . Like Hell . My hair's kinda short . I like the length . It brushes slightly against my neck . My clothes are pretty tight against my body . Maybe that's why I keep getting hit on by guys . . .


Location : Guelm Forest , a lime roofed house atop a hill .

So here I am , the one and only Zeon , in the middle of nowhere with Rhianna behind me . Phoo , boy , the forest seems socold these days .Thunder clapped mercilessly in the gray , gray skies , rain fell like ice from the clouds .

I'm murdering that Bastard for living70 miles away from H.Q . We walked half way , took a train , fell asleep on the train ( NEVER fall asleep in public transportation ) had to walk even FURTHER , took a night's break , then walked the whole way to this damned house with a freakin' immaculately green roof . And a tiny window in the side of the hill . My calves scream for a break . I'm either wet or sweating in places I don't even want to mention . The fact my clothes are way too tight doesn't help any bit in this-

"Captain , won't you please open the door to the place ? We need to get insomehow . . ." , Rhianna plucked me back down to earth . My head's been up in the couds a lot lately . I didn't care if I passed or failed every inspection .I was getting really lazy , not wanting to do anything . 'Kidnapper' said it was because my life lacked romance , a love section of my day . . .

Feh , if he thinks I should worry about that kind of crap , he can go suck on my -

"Captain , just break down the window already , quit daydreaming , please . I can see our suspect drinking Whiskey on the couch . " , Rhianna plucked me down again . If only I could stay down here . . .

"With pleasure . " I dragged the words together ,"Waaaah" , Ilunged my arm and fist back , "Bammm!" , the glass flew everywhere . We entered through the windowas the pain in my elbow slowly faded away . Well , I don't feel like sugar-coating everything , but let me get it all out at once . Rhianna threatens suspect , we find the stone door , the cinder block room , knock out our criminal so he can't escape , Called 'Kidnapper' , 'Rapist' , and the newest member , our 'Hobo' over to the place and ooooooh , God , my favorite part . I walked into the cinder-block room , yelling out , " Mist Knights , we're here to get you outta here , you can trust us , wewon't hurt you ever unless you're a criminal , which I'm trusting . . . You're . . " I trailed off , placing my gun back into its holster .

The next thing I saw was something that never in my years I've ever seen , yes ,I'm completely innocent for this , but God , the most disgusting things that went through my mind when I saw that image . It's burned into my memory . . .

Our 'young kidnapped girl ' was more like ' a beautiful woman with graceful curves ' . Yes , I was looking , and since it was the very first I've seen (don't start with me , you girl ) something ' like that ' , well I guessI was Hella stunned . Why'd she have to be so damned . . pretty ? She was by the window grabbing a small , torn up , child's dress , and she froze there . Nude , cold , starving , and a bit wet . Blushing ? Like Hell I was .

I only stood there . Shocked , I was , amazed , I was , and surprised I didn't get a nose bleed . I mean she was THAT . . You know ! She froze too , and didn't pick up her clothing . It had stopped raining . How cliche` .

I froze . . I couldn't stop her before she took my face in her surprisingly soft hands and did something . She . . . kissed me on the lips . No hesitation . And that's when she fell on top of me . Is this what Chris has been bugging me about ? I couldn't hear anything . A pretty lady was asleep on top of me . And I think I just about passed out . A few moments later , when she woke up , she called herself Emily . She was wearing my clothes , which were way too tight in certain areas , if you catch my drift .

And that was when I saw it .

Her face is so round , with a pointed chin . Her brunette hair reaches below her knees . And that gaze when she stares at me - she only gives me that gaze . The same gaze as when she kissed me . . And I could still feel the afterglow lingering on my lips .

And I didn't feel guilty for it . Not one bit . . .

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