MaeLynne Garbage Pt.1

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I'd call it poetry because it's super catchy at some parts ! I mean , it twists the tounge at parts. Stuff like this manages to be extracted out of when I'm half asleep , and so I don't even know what it's supposed to mean .

Why I'm putting it here ? Because it's filled with metaphors and symbolism ! I'll put what it's supposed to say in asecond chapter , enjoy my confusing-ness ! It's not exactly a novel , but it was the only way I could add the second part to it .

Submitted: April 29, 2008

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Submitted: April 29, 2008



In the clutch of sweet adoration, I only glare in deep frustration

a small child which none may call- we simply say what must be said

with what intelligence may reach my ears, of all the heavenly liying fears

and to he and me and such- could I ask for years to rush?

The truth and of simplicity, my faint glass glows in most monstrosity

the cold heart shivers in tremendous heat- and to years that we shall meet ?

such nonsense and curiosity, may I call you dear ferocity?

Tremble heat, in which I speak for I hear angels-reach my skies

Light a flame or burn the ice, ask for name and go insane

will of which shall grow to envy, and to fight for one, so many

A prayer to those who to tease, spare to me my dignity, please

A flight, a flock, a thousand wings, to which that of many things

any of those which I list, clench the tightness in my fist

pull it down - just like my pride - devour it - now we have tried .

cuff a stream of darkened ribbons, wrist a-splatter, with much assist

a simple light, a gasp of air, the knife, a corpse - as we shall stare

cradle come, rock and leave, for what child basks for centuries

appease the trees for what they give, fruit of withers dies ever more

the crow who runs and gathers life, kills of which shall give despise

to run from all, who oppose thee, to give what life, to die as young

confusion as the sun shall blaze, a fire to my hearts content,

a field of which we forever stand, returns from ever high demand .

Broken shield, so pointless, it ! Spare a simple angry fit .

carry light to all that scares, and to which we shall remain

shatter ice from whence you came, he who adores, none speak his name !

I want what all that I cannot, to give to these who dare not fly

dreams in spent false realism, lies to which she writes and gives

recite all that can't show our truth, of all his lies a sweet pale white

give to me your head held high . show to me the truth of failure

mean to life of all escape- show just what he means to me !

cry in simple spite of self, return the cradle and the ice

pray to those who don't believe, lie of which shall not deceive

remains an ever -dying sky, feathers in deep ribbon crimson

shine upon all which shall fare, what purity remains of thee ?

the cause and of which came before, the list of whom may be the door

use it wisely just like the shore, cleanse for all eternity

moon may rise, the stars still hide, beyond the feathers to the field .

a broken shield that I may wield, tears that stream for darling-who?

whispers in the dying night, appears the traitorone oppose

Broken fruit and fleeing crow, show of which- and forever no more

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