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How far I would go to prevent someone from learning my secret-in other words , how I can make myself easily look like an idiot . . .

Submitted: November 28, 2007

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Submitted: November 28, 2007



A/N : Jagerlowe knows this incident . ..

It starts at school , in second period P.E , where He is at . This is the only class I have with HIM , and now , I guess I should stop calling HIM ' that ' , because well ... HE is just too- whatever .

And so , there I was, proud to find that I couldn't like him anymore than I do right now , in fact , that day tested what an IDIOT I could be at time - no , not at times - ALL the time ! So , Frizzy ( you know who you are , frizzy !!! ) was about to tell HIM (oops , there I go again ... ) and this became like a kid's game - I was chasing him all over the place ( Frizzy , not HIM ) to prevent him from telling HIM about what stupid thing I always saw in HIM , and so , I ended up grabbing Frizzy's shirt , and he swerves out of the way-

Bad ? Oh , I'm getting there !

So after he swerves out of the way , I land FLAT on my FACE in front of THAT GUY ( I mean HIM ) and a crowd of people including HIM rush to see what he hell I did !

And , if it weren't for Frizzy overhearing me talking about who HIM-er , HE is , then this would never have happened !

" OMG ! Do it again ! " " She FLEW ! Superman that H* !! " ( I don't think It's right to put it here , degrading...)

From that day on , HE's been begging what Frizzy was about to tell him , I mean HIM , and I PRAY that Frizzy doesn't . Not only that , but I can't walk around without being called Superman , because I FLEW . I mean , freakin' landed 3 feet away from where we swerved away from FLEW !

oh yeah , and I SCRAPED my knee because of that , and had on what looks like a feminine PAD on my knee over the weekend ! so now , other than that ,

I can't talk , or even LOOK at him without squealing in shame !

And to Frizzy , if you are reading this. . .

I don't blame you , however , you owe me ! That's the last time I make myself look like an idiot ! ... not likely . . . urmm-bye now .

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