You Disappeared

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Friends can break apart so easily , so I guess this is how we feel when it happens...

Submitted: November 28, 2007

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Submitted: November 28, 2007



Age seven , we meet again ! How long its been , for you and I ! Swing together , play together , dear friend and I , together forever .

Age nine , How have you been ? A pinky promise to always be , forever together , you and me . My dearest , you , I hold you near - when I'm with you , there's nothing to fear !

Age ten , I see it all ! You said you'd catch me whenever I fall , until the end , it's you and I , as though invincible , nothing can change this ! We'll stick our tounge out at dresses , too !

Age eleven , where have you been ? I waited for you an hour or so . Your homework , you say ? There was none at all ! No worries , I promise to break your fall , but what's this about a secret party? I was never invited - our friends never told me !

Age twelve , at middle school , it's been a while since we talked like this . I missed so much , like we don't keep in touch . Where did you go ? Like you'd never return ! Completely different . what happened to you ? I missed you alot , but I'm lost in deep thought - what's this about your newset friends ? And why you never told me ? What's this about a brand new cell phone , and how you never called ? And why , must I ask you ! What have you become ? So different you are , my dearest friend , you .

Age thirteen , I passed you this morning , you didn't wave back . I gave you a smile , you turn talking to someone . Whatever happened to you and I ? How we would catch each other if ever we fell ? Whatever happened to friends till the end ? I'm sitting right by you , but there's plenty I fear ! My stomach is knotty , throbs in my heart . Why , I ask , have you let me just fall ? You're like a new person , like one of those models . You left me in the dust , all alone , now I am . You need to pick me back up soon , that , you must . I guess it's good bye now , for this little friend . Seems like just yesterday , you promised " till the end . " Best friends forever , as if nothing could change . The friend that I knew never liked wearing dresses . I miss the jokes about friendly little messes . But now , it's like I'm dust , and you' re brushing me away . . .

Age fourteen , Your asthma , you say ? That you couldn't even speak ? There you were running , every day of the week ! Who cares what happens to you ! I curse the day we met ! All you did was tear my heart out , on that you did tread ! Giving you up , though you let yourself go ! I'll never do the drugs that you always did know ! Good bye to you , we never met ! But this , my new enemy , you will regret - you forced me away , like I meant nothing ! You only come to ask , if ever I have money ! Good riddance to you , my ' friend till the end ' . Unlike you , I was worried , of what we'd become...

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